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Timing Raw's final segment while counting how many times Roman Reigns said 'tater tot'

Last December I counted how many times Seth Rollins said the word 'John' during the Raw angle where he threatened to paralyze Edge unless John Cena reinstated The Authority.

Here we are in December one year later and WWE has forced my hand once again.  So how many times did Roman Reigns say 'tater tot' last night during the final angle on Raw?

First, let's take a look at a breakdown of the timing of that segment.

The segment between Reigns and Sheamus lasted for 17 minutes and 23 seconds (17m 23s).  Here is a chronological listing of the important time stamps for this segment:

  • 0m 00s to 1m 03s: Roman's entrance music plays as he enters the ring
  • 1m 03s to 3m 38s: Story time with Roman as he climbs a ladder and recaps his career
  • 3m 38s to 4m 11s: The Celtic Warrior's entrance music plays and Sheamus shows up
  • 4m 11s to 11m 50s: Roman and Sheamus discuss forts, tater tots, and TLC
  • 11m 50s to 16m 54s: A brawl ensues and Sheamus is speared through a table
  • 16m 54s to 17m 23s: Roman's entrance music plays

That adds up to a total time of 2m 05s of this segment (roughly 12%) that included a superstar's music playing.

The brawl lasted about 5 minutes (roughly 29% of the segment), which will probably end up being in the neighborhood of 25% of their TLC 2015 match time.

The two talking segments outlined above add up to a total time of 10m 14s, which was roughly 59% of the segment).

And here are the time stamps for when Sheamus and Roman paused for extended 'tater tot' chants from the audience:

  • 6m 39s to 6m 52s
  • 8m 24s to 8m 32s
  • 9m 28s to 9m 36s
  • 10m 40s to 10m 54s

That adds up to a total time of 0m 43s of this segment (roughly 4%) that was given to the fans to chant 'tater tot.'

Finally, here are the approximate time stamps for all of the key words that Reigns and Sheamus used on the mic. I recommend just reading down the list in rapid-fire fashion and wondering if last night's angle would have been more entertaining if Roman and Sheamus just shouted these words at each other in a similar fashion, with no connective words used in between:

  • 1m 07s: lesson
  • 1m 08s: Sheamus
  • 1m 12s: man
  • 1m 17s: Sheamus
  • 1m 20s: guy
  • 1m 40s: TLC
  • 1m 53s: ladder
  • 1m 58s: ladder
  • 2m 00s: championship
  • 2m 23s: Survivor Series
  • 2m 27s: championship
  • 2m 41s: ladder
  • 2m 47s: Sheamus
  • 2m 48s: professor
  • 2m 50s: teach me a lesson
  • 2m 52s: Sheamus
  • 2m 54s: TLC
  • 3m 00s: championship
  • 3m 11s: Sheamus
  • 3m 18s: toy
  • 3m 32s: Sheamus
  • 3m 34s: ass
  • 4m 15s: Roman
  • 4m 24s: fella
  • 4m 26s: fort
  • 4m 27s: cute
  • 4m 28s: fort
  • 4m 29s: trying
  • 4m 30s: trying
  • 4m 31s: intimidate
  • 4m 32s: trying
  • 4m 36s: Roman
  • 4m 41s: TLC
  • 4m 43s: TLC
  • 4m 46s: Survivor Series
  • 4m 57s: champion
  • 5m 07s: Survivor Series
  • 5m 19s: teach me a lesson
  • 5m 21s: man
  • 5m 22s: come on
  • 5m 26s: Roman
  • 5m 27s: champion
  • 5m 37s: fight
  • 5m 42s: fight
  • 5m 45s: talking
  • 5m 46s: fighting
  • 5m 47s: son
  • 5m 55s: fight
  • 5m 56s: fight
  • 5m 57s: Roman
  • 6m 02s: TLC
  • 6m 05s: brother
  • 6m 09s: talking
  • 6m 11s: yapping
  • 6m 12s: yap yap yap
  • 6m 18s: potatoes
  • 6m 24s: tater tots
  • 7m 02s: booby trapped
  • 7m 03s: fort
  • 7m 06s: born yesterday
  • 7m 09s: Roman
  • 7m 11s: TLC
  • 7m 12s: build
  • 7m 13s: fort
  • 7m 15s: build
  • 7m 16s: castle
  • 7m 17s: build
  • 7m 18s: castle
  • 7m 23s: build
  • 7m 25s: chairs
  • 7m 28s: tables
  • 7m 32s: ladders
  • 7m 34s: build
  • 7m 50s: man
  • 7m 53s: son
  • 8m 07s: try
  • 8m 08s: chair
  • 8m 11s: tater tot
  • 8m 17s: tater tot
  • 8m 32s: cute
  • 8m 34s: cute
  • 8m 35s: Roman
  • 8m 37s: table
  • 8m 39s: try
  • 8m 40s: table
  • 8m 42s: born yesterday
  • 8m 43s: fella
  • 8m 49s: table
  • 8m 54s: table
  • 9m 02s: scared
  • 9m 21s: tater tot
  • 9m 36s: Roman
  • 9m 41s: champion
  • 9m 48s: ladder
  • 9m 50s: try
  • 9m 52s: try
  • 9m 56s: ladder
  • 10m 55s: scaring
  • 10m 57s: tater tot
  • 11m 01s: terrified
  • 11m 03s: shivering
  • 11m 04s: flinched
  • 11m 05s: little girl
  • 11m 09s: come on
  • 11m 13s: scare
  • 11m 16s: manhood
  • 11m 17s: champion
  • 11m 20s: son
  • 11m 29s: tornado
  • 11m 32s: dumbass

It turns out that Roman only said 'tater tot' 5 times, so he still has a long way to go before he can dethrone Seth Rollins and his 35 Johns from last year.

For all the criticism that Seth Rollins received throughout the summer for his boring 10 to 15 minute promos on many episodes of Raw, try to imagine an alternate universe where Roman Reigns defeated Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 31 and then had to open Raw every week with 10 to 15 minute promos.  It could have been a lot worse than what The Architect delivered.

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