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New Day merchandise selling fast means BAD Day for fans anxious to buy unicorn headbands

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Yesterday brought the news that Kofi Kingston was not lying to us...New Day was changing the merch game.

Unfortunately, if you didn't (figuratively) jump on the light-up unicorn horn headband, you're out of luck.

UPDATE: As of this writing, WWE Shop is letting you add the headband to your cart, so they may be back in stock already. Get yours here.

The good news for fans of Kofi, Big E and Xavier Woods is that this is the latest sign that the group's gear are among the hottest sellers in the company. According to Wrestling Inc, the reason the headbands exist is because WWE was so impressed by how well all the New Day merchandise they've produced (included the related stuff for UpUpDownDown, Austin Creed's YouTube gaming channel).

Convincing a bunch of adults to purchase glow-in-the-dark forehead dildos to wear in public is probably an even better indicator of the power of positivity, though.

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