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WWE can 'change' Raw all it wants, 3 hours each week is still too much

WWE has been sending out surveys asking fans to explain the issues they have with Monday Night Raw and how the show compares to the developmental promotion, NXT. The results of these surveys may or may not contribute to some "changes" coming to the show, if we're to believe this report.

But even if that's true, they aren't addressing the biggest problem.

Three hours each week is just too much.

Considering the additional revenue it brings in, WWE and the USA network are unlikely to get rid of that third hour anytime soon. In fact, despite the low ratings -- relative to Raw's history -- USA has given WWE, and Raw, a vote of confidence.


Three hours is still too much.

It's a time suck; an investment. It's not just that I'm watching wrestling every Monday night, it's that the program is so long I have to consider whether or not it's worth it to even bother. That places an increased emphasis on show quality. If we're comparing it to NXT, that's not an issue that promotion ever has to deal with because its run time is just 60 minutes. Even if I know there likely isn't going to be anything all that special on any given show I know it's only going to take an hour of my time. What's more, NXT can afford to have multiple bad shows consecutively without alienating its fan base.

Even at its highest quality, watching Raw is taxing because, and I can't say this enough, three hours is just too damn much.

That's not to say there shouldn't be changes. There absolutely should be, and we can only hope the quality of the show will improve because of it. But the biggest problem remains.

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