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Who should win the Royal Rumble next year?

JP Yim/Getty Images

The last couple weeks of WWE television have been awful, and there isn't much anticipation for the upcoming TLC pay-per-view (PPV) on Dec. 13 in Boston. That said, that we're so close to TLC means we're that much closer to the match that always delivers, even when it doesn't.

The Royal Rumble.

Last year, WWE brought Daniel Bryan back early and had him enter a match we all knew Roman Reigns was destined to win. The result was an audience booing the babyface winner out of the building, even with The Rock showing up in a lame attempt to keep that very situation from happening.

The time around, the outcome of the match is less certain, at least at the moment.

So it's time to take a poll, Cagesiders: Who should win?

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