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Becky Lynch explains why she wears steampunk goggles

Becky Lynch was a guest on Talk is Jericho this week and while the entire interview is worth a listen, she gave a surprisingly deep answer when Jericho asked her about those steampunk goggles she wears to the ring:

"That's all just steampunk as well, but they make me feel like a pilot and I imagine this is my ship and I'm going to take it to infinity and beyond. And then it's like I can see the world through my own unique set of eyes, for my bexplorations."

Jericho's response is almost just as good:

"I thought you were just going to say it's just easy gimmick money."

It's that too, let's be real.

Go listen to the full interview. You'll either be annoyed by her enthusiasm, of which she seems to have an endless supply, or you'll fall in love with her and understand exactly why she's going to be a top babyface in the Divas division for years to come.

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