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WWE part-timers should ride off into the sunset at WrestleMania 32

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Because of pay-per-view (PPV) buyrates and attendances decreasing, WWE temporarily mended its problem by means of resuscitating the dignitaries of yesteryear to fill the upper-echelon scene. Initially, the dream matches and general nostalgia uplifted the buyrates and ratings. However, the lack of dream matches and nostalgia remaining resulted in the PPV numbers and ratings falling back to earth. For that reason, among others, WrestleMania 32 should be the part-timers’ last hurrah in the spotlight.

The part-timers epoch has overstayed its welcome. They are more deleterious than fruitful now. Instead of WWE building up Homeric conflicts between round-the-clock wrestlers and then culminating it PPVs, creative assembles myriads of last-minute matches through mixing and matching...especially for WrestleMania. This begets anticlimactically built matches, lacking a captivating leitmotif to induce anticipation.

WWE even made Brock Lesnar its preeminent household name last year and handed him the WWE championship at SummerSlam. He was absent most of the year because of his contract, resulting in the additional main eventers feuding with each other essentially for the sake of it. There was little purpose for anyone to watch during the time, as WWE held off its more creative than usual ideas while the Champion was off TV.

In actual fact, that could be said about any current non-SummerSlam or WrestleMania time of its season. The company burrows into autopilot during its slower times, essaying to keep the product as static as possible. They ultimately hoist their own petard; they could develop newfangled wrestlers, or keep their sluggish parts of the season semi-meaningful, but remain persistently content with keeping its potential stars in the mid-carder  abyss and booking shows in a perfunctory and cursory matter how far the sky falls.

The more the company procrastinates – the more challenging it becomes for them to convalesce from this issue. Whenever it anoints one of its antediluvian wrestlers, the majority of the present-day ones appear more and more second-rate.

Fortunately, the company has not boxed itself into a corner yet. There is time to recuperate from this issue, albeit time is of the essence.

The company is struggling to find the proper foes for Brock Lesnar, Undertaker, Triple H and Sting at WrestleMania. Also, bespoke from the buy rates and ratings, the universal want for part-timers is shrinking. This is therefore an ad rem time to flip the switch. The PPV should symbolize old against new, and its through line should be the night where all the old-school wrestlers passed the torch to the new-school ones.

Best of all, WWE can no longer take many shortcuts if this happens. They must discover how to mend their way out of dilemmas. No longer will it have the luxury of relying on a top-name to camouflage their lackluster job of building a PPV or hot-shotting the WWE championship on someone to pop the ratings. Or else, they will learn the hard way. It has taken the simplest way out too many times, happily trading short-terms gains for long-term pains. Changing their ways would be a blessing in disguise.

This change could also inaugurate a much-needed new beginning, one that at least some of the nuisances behind, e.g. even-steven booking and the overarching Authority angle. That does not mean WWE cannot sporadically sprinkle in part-timers on shows. They have their place on the A-shows. However, the focal point needs to be on its current wrestlers, as it ultimately needs to progress into the future. It not only needs to utilize its full-time roster better - it also needs to change everything about its show from top to bottom to give the movement a garden-fresh ambience.

No matter how you view it, WWE is better off resolving the matter in question now in lieu of tarrying until the inevitable time arrives where part-timers cannot move the needle anymore and the full-timers are buried to shreds.

WrestleMania 32 is the perfect place to do it.

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