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WWE sends out survey asking fans to compare WWE to NXT

Will Ragozzino/Getty Images

Just days ago, WWE sent a survey out to its Fan Council asking some interesting questions on the state of Monday Night Raw. Today, the company sent another survey out, this one essentially comparing the WWE main roster to the NXT developmental promotion.

Our friend Jason Solomon shows some of the questions:

As you can see, Jason prefers NXT to the main roster in just about every category and I'm finding it difficult to disagree with him.

How about you?

Update: A Cagesider, Brian, sent us the following on the survey.

The survey asked:

(Scale of 1-10) How interested and how aware and how interested you are in each promotion?

(Scale of 1-5) How important, then later in the survey, how satisfied you are with each of the following, which included well-written storylines, quality of in-ring action, family friendliness, amusement, seeing the right mix/variety of superstars, seeing a variety of Divas, seeing your favorite Divas, ability to watch an interesting show with your friends, ability to watch a family friendly show, the amount of times you've been surprised, etc.

Many adjectives were listed and asked to select all that apply to each brand. Among the adjectives were: mainstream, fun, original, innovative, surprising, fantastical, traditional, wrestling, etc.

Asked to select who you watched each show with in your household.

Asked to select as many demographics you think each brand is written for. Included in the choices were children under 13, teens 13-17, adults, makes, females, casual fans, and someone like me.

Some of the qualitative questions were: What got you hooked on NXT, how did you hear about NXT, and when did you become an NXT fan?

Asked what your favorite and least favorite aspects of each show were.

There were the typical demographic questions: age range, income, race, martial status. Also asked how many shows from either WWE or NXT you attended in the last two years, what was the most exciting part of attending them in-person, and how much money you spent on merchandise for each brand in the last year. They also asked if you had ever attended an indy show.

Asked what sites you read for wrestling news. Cageside Seats was indeed a choice!

Also asked if you considered yourself a WWE fan, but not an NXT fan, an NXT fan and not a WWE fan, or both.

I may have missed a few questions, but that's the crux of it. As someone in communications, I know a poll put into the field for a purpose. This was obviously intended to give a reason to management as to why NXT is more popular than WWE.

If anyone feels strongly that NXT is by far and away the better product (like I do) and they get this survey, do not hold back!

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