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WWE SmackDown recap & reactions (Dec. 3, 2015): One versus all

This week's episode of SmackDown, airing on the SyFy Network on Dec. 3, 2015, comes from Hersey, Pennsylvania. The WWE is building towards the Tables, Ladders, and Chairs (TLC) pay-per-view . For full results and the live blog, click here.


We are Family

SmackDown started with Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, and the Usos, Jimmy and Jey, in the ring.  Reigns asked the crowd who was there with their family and stated that he was with his family was well.  Out of all his cousins, Jimmy and Jey are the closest to him, like brothers, and have been with each other since day one.  Although he has only known Ambrose for five years, Reigns and Ambrose have enough memories to fill thirty years and are also like brothers.  The crowd urged Ambreigns to hug it out, which they did.  Reigns then addressed the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Sheamus, saying he should have left their issues between the two of them instead of involving the Authority and the League of Nations.  Reigns said they will not help him at TLC when he climbs the ladder to reclaim the WWE championship and then called out LON to fight.

Sheamus, along with King Barrett, Rusev, and the United States Champion, Alberto Del Rio, came out, standing on the ramp.  Sheamus had to admit that Reigns talking about his family was so positive and cheerful.  The crowd bombarded the Champ with "You look stupid!" chants to which he retorted, "How can you look stupid when you're the WWE World Heavyweight Champion?!"

Easy, Sheamus.  Do you need to borrow a mirror?  I have several.

Anyway, Sheamus continued and said that he was a big admirer of Roman's.  The crowd began a "U-S-A!" chant to which Sheamus assured them that everyone in the League of Nations has their green card so they are okay to be there.  Well, Rusev is working on his.  You know how paperwork is, people.

Sheamus went on to mock Reigns for only being champion for five minutes and fifteen seconds.  Reigns stated that he did not think anyone wanted to hear Sheamus crack jokes and, right there, I have to disagree.  Sheamus is pretty witty.  He seems to be having loads of fun as champion and he has to deal with Mr. Grumpy I-Got-Cashed-In-On-So-Now-I'm-Extra-Salty Reigns.  If I were Sheamus, I would rub it in his face, too.  Dude cannot take a joke, can he?

Sheamus is right.  Reigns is too aggressive and tense.  Sheamus said he came out to extend an olive branch but since Reigns is so testy, company officials have set up a match between the League of Nations and Roman and his family for the main event.

New Day came out and asked Reigns why he was so serious and started cracking jokes about him.  They christened Reigns "Roman the Ruiner".  Then one of the Usos challenged them to a fight.  New Day stated that company officials have decided that Ambrose and the Usos have to earn the right to be Roman's partners in the main event.  The three will have to face the New Day in a six man tag match and, if they lose, Roman will have to face LON all on his own, so it will truly be One versus All.

This segment did wonders to illustrate how cool and fun the supposed "bad guys"  are and how salty and aggressive the supposed "good guys" are.  Sheamus seems so happy to be World Champion, hanging out with his friends and New Day is always positive.  Reigns and his family just look like haters.  Not a good look.

Later in the show, Ambrose and the Usos took on New Day.  The AmBros took control of the match at the onset, copying the New Day's Unicorn Stomp in the corner.  The team kept control until New Day got Jey into their corner and Big E took the lead.  Ambrose got the tag and came in like a house of fire, taking down all three New Day members at one point before Big E turned the tide to the team again by straddling Ambrose on the top rope.  Ambrose suffered the REAL Unicorn Stomp, trombone playing and all, but he was not out yet.  He continued to fight to get to his corner and got his opening by sending Big E out of the ring and reversing  a crossbody from Kingston.

Jimmy Uso came in with the hot tag and the match broke down quickly after that.  Jimmy was going for a frog splash when he was stopped by Kofi and he reinjured his left knee.  A double team and distraction by Woods and Kingston lead to Jimmy eating the pin off of a sick looking shining wizard and Roman, ironically watching from the Big E spot backstage, learned he had to face LON on his own in the main event.  And so WWE's grand pity party for Reigns continues.  Not sure anyone feels much sympathy for him, though.

Backstage before the main event, AmBros was fully prepared to be ringside for Roman's match but "certain officials" banned them from ringside.  This made salty Roman even more salty as he promised to bring the fight to all four members of LON.  The match started with Alberto De Rio and Reigns.  Roman desperately avoided being put into LON's corner so Del Rio tagged in Rusev.  LON talked some then Rusev tagged in the Champ, who was able to get Roman into the corner himself.

LON went to work on Roman in the corner but Sheamus got too cocky and Roman was able to put up a fight.  Barrett tripped Reigns while standing outside of the ring and, for some odd reason, the referee decided to throw Barrett out of the match.  I have never seen this done before in a handicapped match.  Hey, maybe Charles Robinson had some sympy for Reigns.  The odds were still a bit much for Reigns, as Rusev, Del Rio, and Sheamus pretty much dominated the match entirely.  Commentary also had sympy.  Even as a Reigns mark, he got no sympy from me.

Why not?  Because it's Roman Reigns.  Everyone knows he is something close to super human, where three or four world class athletes can just beat on him for nearly twenty minutes and somehow, someway, Reigns continues to kick out.  He continues to fight.  And, since this isn't a big match with major implications, he is more than likely to win.  That is exactly what happened.  Reigns beat up all the bad guys outside of the ring and earned a countout victory.

After the match, Reigns ate a Brouge Kick from Sheamus and LON looked to beat him down but Ambrose and the Usos came out to run them all off and ended the show in the ring together as they had started the show.


With a friend like Charlotte

Becky Lynch took on Brie Bella in a one-on-one match.  Charlotte and Alicia Fox were at ringside.  Brie Bella heeled it up early, mocking Lynch for falling for Charlotte's injured ankle ruse this past Monday.  Lynch responded with a kick to the face.  Brie cut her off by using the ropes then took control of the match.  After a near fall, Brie imitated her husband's kicks (and Team BAD was once again shown in the Big E spot backstage, playing with a piñata) before screaming her patented "Brie Mode!" catchphrase and hitting Lynch with a knee to the face.

Lynch made a comeback after fighting out of a submission to hit a couple of clotheslines and a dropkick.  She picked up a near fall after the exploder suplex.  Lynch went for the Disarmer but Brie fought to the ropes and accidently hit Charlotte outside of the ring.  Lynch went for the Disarmer again, finally getting Brie down, when Charlotte charged into the ring and attacked Brie, causing a disqualification for her friend.  Lynch pulled Charlotte off of Brie and asked her why she did what she did to which Charlotte replied, "She hit me!"

Yes, she did.  By accident.  Even if it was not accidental, could you not let your Lass Kick-ing friend get that receipt for you this time, Champ?  While arguing with Lynch, Charlotte smiled arrogantly and held her pinky out.  What a friend.  Now Brie Bella has a victory over Becky Lynch thanks to her best friend.


All The Rest

  • Tyler Breeze versus Neville: Breeze took his anger out for losing to Dolph Van Ziggler, who was on commentary for the match, this past Monday on that living troll doll, Neville.  Prince Pretty got the win after a fun match.
  • Becky Lynch interview: The remains of Team Bella antagonized the Lass Kicker about being gullible until the Diva's Champion came to her aid and promised to "always be in her corner".
  • Neville and Miz backstage segment: The Miz compared Neville to Daniel Bryan and gave him his card . . . and a Santa's Little Helper DVD.  Interesting.
  • Rusev and Lana interview: So I guess Rusev is feuding with Ryback now.
  • Bray Wyatt versus D-Von Dudley: R-Truth found the Wyatts' portal that transfers them to the ring magically.  But that's his bad.  That one's on him.  Oh, yeah, the match ended in a DQ due to Wyatt interference and the Dudleys were left lying.


So company officials are purposely stacking the deck against the challenger for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at TLC and forcing his family into tough situations right alongside him.  The Wyatts are having an ECW moment with the Dudleys and Tommy Dreamer.  Rusev and Lana are after Ryback.  Becky and Charlotte have issues.  The Miz sees Daniel Bryan in Neville.  And Prince Pretty still has to deal with that uggo, Ziggler.  Toss in a random R-Truth sighting and you have a pretty average SmackDown.

Rating: B-

That's all for this week, Cagesiders! What are your thoughts on the show? Let me know what you think in the comments.

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