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Vince McMahon didn't believe Batista would leave WWE for Hollywood

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Spectre is just a blip on a box office radar focused on a galaxy far, far away. But with the Guardians of the Galaxy sequel about to start filming and prominent roles in a lot of smaller movies, it's time for you semi-regular reminder that - unlike The Rock - Dave Bautista isn't coming back to WWE any time soon.

If you didn't think the man who performs as Batista would be gone that long (in either of the times he walked away from wrestling for Hollywood), you're not alone. In fact, according to MVP on the latest edition of Sam Roberts' Wrestling Podcast, Vince McMahon himself thought The Animal would stick with WWE:

With [Batista's] movie career, I remember the day he left and it was crazy because Muriel, the security guard, she walked him out and he was telling me, he goes, 'Vince doesn't think I'm leaving. He thinks I'm bulls--tting him. He doesn't think I'm serious.'" MVP added, "[Batista] literally walked away from millions of dollars a year on the chance that he'd make it in Hollywood [and McMahon was saying,] 'he's not going to walk away from all this money.'

He did, though. And the rest is history.

Time will tell if that history includes occasional returns like it does for Dwayne Johnson and Chris Jericho, or if a man who has frequently called "bull****" on WWE Creative is gone for good.

H/T: Wrestling Inc for the transcription - check out their article and the entire podcast for more from MVP on Batista and other topics.

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