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Kevin Owens is the best dad

JP Yim/Getty Images has a great feature up on its website right now that is all about Kevin Owens being a badass and a really great dad. They're calling him "The World's Most Dangerous Dad" and considering his killer dad bod, this may be the start of a new gimmick for our favorite heel in WWE.

But he's actually an even better dad than they're saying. In the article (go read the entire thing), he relays a story of a time he took his son to a WWE show so he could slap hands with John Cena:

"I took my son to a WWE show in Montreal. I wasn't in contact with WWE or anything like that [at the time]. I was just an independent wrestler, and I took my family to the show because my son wanted to see John Cena. All I really care about is my son. I wanted my son to have this moment that he'll remember forever of John Cena coming out and shaking his hand. I remember my son was a bit sad (when it didn't happen). Two minutes later he was fine, but it stuck with me. And I told myself that one day I would get in the ring with John Cena and I would make him pay."

This man took his son to a show, bought front row tickets to ensure his son would get to interact with Cena when he did his usual victory lap around the ring, then decided he was going to beat the hell out of Cena for not doing said victory lap and making his son sad for a couple minutes.

Kevin Owens is the best dad.

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