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Rob Gronkowski STAYS HYPED with Mojo Rawley at WWE Live event

Zack Ryder got a nice pop on Raw last night when he came out all by himself in Brooklyn for the Miz TV/Big Show enters the Royal Rumble segment.

Tonight, his Hype Bros tag partner got the spotlight thanks to a ringside show of support from his good friend Rob Gronkowski of the Super Bowl champion New England Patriots...

The All Pro tight end has teased doing something in the ring with Mojo Rawley in the past. However, given that he's an irreplaceable talent with a history of injuries...until his playing days are over, "front row meathead" is probably as close as we'll get to that.

His gimmick with Ryder has received different reactions in different parts of the world, and many have wondered if doing something in kayfabe with Gronk would help get Rawley over as a face. Our own Geno Mrosko wonders why the footballer is over, while Rawley isn't despite their having the same "character".

Given New England's role as the biggest heels in U.S. pro sports, I think Gronkowski would help Mojo with Pats fans only. And if Rawley could do the kind of things to opponents in the ring that Gronk does to the linebackers and safeties that try to cover him, it wouldn't matter what his character - WWE would find a way to push him.

As it is, we'll have to "enjoy" Vines like the above-  and videos like this - while we have the discussion.

In the meantime, one person is not a fan of either man, or Big Rob's support of one WWE Superstar over her guy...

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