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Every episode of Monday Night Raw in 2015, graded

There were 52 episodes of Monday Night Raw this past year. Considering WWE's flagship show airs every Monday night on USA that should go without saying, but it's used here to set up the fact that that means there have been 52 grades handed out for each one of those episodes.

As with years past, it's time to go back and see how each of those shows was graded.

Below is a complete list of each episode's grade and the title given to that episode by yours truly (and in a couple other cases Sean Rueter and Bill Hanstock tagging in). Each grade and title is clickable in case you want to go back and read full reactions for that particular show.

Jan. 12D (There once was a show called Raw...)
Jan. 19B (On to Royal Rumble)
Jan. 26B+ (Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow)
Feb. 2B- (Controversy creates crap)
Feb. 9C+ (Roman Reigns turns heel, kind of)
Feb. 23C (I hear voices in my head, and they're all stupid)
Mar. 2C+ (Often imitated, never eliminated)
Mar. 9F (Who cares anymore)
Mar. 16B+ (SMOKIN' GOOD)
Mar. 23B- (Just go home already)
Mar. 30B- (Brock Lesnar is GOD)
April 6C- (The future is the past)
April 20C+ (Going home now)
April 27C (Mom, Vince is doing it again!)
May 11C+ (Every man for himself!)
May 18B (He came, he saw, he killed)
May 25D+ (Red handed)
June 1C (A real man)
June 8D+ (Just ignore all that)
June 15B- (Brock Lesnar returns)
June 22D- (A sorry, beaten beast)
June 29C- (That damn numbers game)
July 6B- (Big match John)
July 13A- (NXT! NXT! NXT!)
July 20B- (FIGHT)
Aug. 3B- (Heart of darkness)
Aug. 10D+ (What's a cash-in?)
Aug. 17C+ (Identity crisis)
Aug. 24A (STINGER)
Aug. 31D (Triple H is everything)
Sept. 14C- (A record breaking night of champions hype!)
Sept. 21C+ (Kane returns to drag us to hell)
Sept. 28C (War is hell)
Oct. 5B+ (New Day Order)
Oct. 12D+ (Smarty pants Kane)
Oct. 19B (War is Hell in a Cell)
Oct. 26A- (Roman Reigns, top star)
Nov. 2C (Who will save your soul?)
Nov. 9B (The last temptation of Reigns)
Nov. 16C+ (Cross the line)
Nov. 23F (All nightmare long)
Nov. 30F (This company makes no sense)
Dec. 7F (Professor Tater Tots)
Dec. 14A- (From Peasant to King)
Dec. 21C- (More like Shammy Awards)
Dec. 28C- (Happy New Year, pal)


A's: 6
B's: 14
C's: 20
D's: 8
F's: 4

Go back and look at 2014 grades here, and 2013 grades here.

In 2013, Raw was above average with a couple "A+" grades and only one "F" all year. In 2014, the show was a bit more up-and-down, with more "A" grades (without an "A+" among them) but far more "D" grades and one more "F" to top it off.

This year, as you can see, they doubled up on the past two years with four really bad shows and came up short on "A" grades, and that's with the notoriously positive Hanstock reviewing a couple shows. It wasn't the best year for WWE on Monday nights.

Here's to hoping for a much better 2016.

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