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Miz talks in-ring flatulence; says Big Show is the 'gassiest' WWE Superstar

It is a slow news day. Slow several days in a row, actually. So I think this one speaks for itself.

The Miz responded to a question on an upcoming Allegedly podcast (H/T TMZ) about wrestlers having "accidents" in the ring, by revealing that there's a much more widespread problem...

A lot of gas. Sometimes there's some gas and you wonder if the audience can smell it. Cause...and you're breathing heavy, so it's like you're tasting it. Not very fun.

Who's the gassiest, you - like Allegedly hosts Theo Von & Matthew Cole Weiss - are wondering?

Oh, Big Show. He is 500 pounds, he is seven foot tall and, he...the best running gag that he has is like, he'll get in an elevator and once he's leaving the elevator and the doors closing, he'll let it rip and walk out.

There you have, Cagesiders. Wonder no more. And if you smell something weird from your ringside seats next time you're at a WWE Live show, well...for your sake, I hope it wasn't during a Big Show match.

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