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Jack Swagger finally beats Rusev at Tribute to the Troops

Before tonight's airing of Tribute to the Troops on the USA Network, Jack Swagger and Rusev had wrestled each other in something like 32 singles matches, including house shows and dark matches, according to data from Rusev was 31-1 in those matches and Swagger's lone win was by disqualification.

That doesn't include Rusev winning a couple triple threats and a battle royal.

Despite this stunning lack of success, Swagger has never given up. He's been steady losing matches to Rusev since June of 2014 with his lone triumphant not even really a triumph because it was a DQ. What kind of man accepts a DQ as a legitimate win?

Not a real man.

Certainly not a real American.

So he persevered. And tonight, in front of the troops, Swagger submitted Rusev. He did it, ladies and gentleman. Forevermore, the match listing will read:

Jack Swagger def. Rusev via submission (Ankle Lock)

It's a great day indeed.

Don't even try, Jack. We know.

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