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Michael Cole interviews Heath Slater, walks out on him

Instead of allowing Heath Slater to make a fool of himself on Twitter with sad campaigning to be included in WWE programming in one way or another, WWE is now inviting him on so they can actively make fun of the guy.

Here, Michael Cole interviews him because he's "in demand" and Slater wastes a couple minutes making sure he's not being swerved. They tell us his campaign to win "Superstar of the Year" resulted in his getting the eighth most votes of any wrestler on the roster.

He's amazed by this.

Then he talks about wanting to wrestle for the US championship and how he never quite got the chance and he's working a bunch of hashtags. Cole gets to a point where he's tired of it and asks if the voting was tallied correctly because no way in hell did this idiot get into the top 10.

Then, for some reason, Slater starts singing Jingle Bells and Cole joins him briefly before ending the interview and straight up walking out while Slater bemoans the fact that he didn't say everything he wanted to say.

"Brian, can someone get him out of here, please?"

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