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Lana, Rusev wedding won't be on WWE television, and she says she's 'saving herself for marriage'

Because Lana and Rusev's engagement was leaked to TMZ, WWE has turned it into a storyline for television. That includes talk of whether or not the two "went all the way" with Dolph Ziggler and Summer Rae while they were split apart in kayfabe but not in reality.


Lana on saying she never went all the way with Dolph Ziggler:

"This is true. I've always been a good girl. I've always told the truth. My father, who was a Russian minister, raised me to save myself for marriage, and this is what I'm doing."

Rusev on saying he never went all the way with Summer Rae:

"Well, I said 'no,' didn't I?"

Cole said he talked to Summer and she said Rusev is lying and they went all the way on more than one occasion:

"Well, let's see. So, let's say hypothetically this is true, what you say. Do you really want to call me a liar in front of my fiance here? I said 'no' and you take her side, that means you are calling me a liar. Is this what you're doing, Michael?"

This is dumb.

Later, when asked how they'll communicate when they're on different sides of the country:

"Rusev uses everything; I love technology, I use it all. I've got the WWE Network, I have the FaceTime, the Skype, the Viber. I have the brand new, what is this, the Instagram, IG."

On the wedding:

"So exciting. Full of traditions, unlike American weddings who do nothing. They just go and drink and whatever, they have no meaning behind their weddings. Me in Bulgaria and her in Russia, we have huge traditions. I go out with my best man, we bring the orchestra on the street, they play all morning. Then we have to go and break down the door that her friends are locking down. I have to offer them money to buy her out, if they say 'no,' I gotta give them more money. They said 'no' and I said 'okay.' So I break down the door and I go and steal her. I'm okay (with being broke) because she's the love of my life. Money means nothing."

They go on to say, they are having two weddings, one in Bulgaria and one in Russia, that one of them will be in September, and none of it will be televised on any WWE programming.

There you go.

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