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WWE comes through with Sheamus 5:15 shirt, ruins it with crap on the back

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Nikki on tumblr

I half-jokingly said I would buy the t-shirt WWE World Heavyweight champion Sheamus wore to his match with Roman Reigns on this past Monday's Raw. And WWE half-produced the one I wanted.

The black shirt with white lettering was both a knock-off of and homage to Stone Cold's Austin 3:16 merchandise from the Attitude Era. It was part of the push to get the amount of time WWE claims that Roman Reigns held the WWE title, 5 minutes and 15 seconds, over as a catchphrase for the Celtic Warrior.

It's a cheeky bit of trolling that fits with the champ's current character, which is as much smart ass as bad ass.

Unfortunately, in true WWE Shop style, they couldn't leave the design simple and clean, but had to include the punchline (which takes the gag from clever to groan-inducing) in giant letters on the back.

I swear...this company. At least it doesn't appear to have the WWE tag on the bottom seam?

Get yours here.

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