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WWE SmackDown Recap & Reactions (Dec. 17, 2015): The Champ is Here

This week's episode of SmackDown, airing on the SyFy Network on December 17, 2015, comes from Newark, New Jersey. This was the fallout show for the TLC pay-per-view this past Sunday night in Boston. For full results and the live blog, click here.


Wreck 'Em Reigns

The new WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Roman Reigns, started the show.  He took the time to stand with the fans during his entrance through the crowd to raise the title high before continuing to the ring.  He started off by saying how good it felt to win the WWE WHC on RAW, this past Monday but it was godsend that it was also his daughter's birthday.  He talked about how he thinks his days in the WWE are numbered due to spearing HHH and Superman Punching Vince McMahon but he wanted to live in the moment and celebrate until the McMahons unleash Hell on him Monday.

Sheamus came out and congratulated Roman on winning the championship but told him that it would not be long before he won the title back.  Sheamus asked him what made him think he could assault two company executives and get away with it (Um, dummy, he just SAID he wouldn't get away with it).  Sheamus played his lackey role well, telling Reigns that their championship match is under investigation and he cannot wrestle or even be in the building then he told him to leave.  Of course, Reigns basically told him to make him leave.  So Sheamus called out nine faceless lackeys also known as the WWE Security better known was the worst security in the history of man and asked Reigns to leave again.

Reigns refused again so Sheamus sent the faceless lackeys to the ring.  Reigns destroyed the faceless lackeys because that is their only purpose: eating Superman Punches.  After he was done, he celebrated in the ring with the championship while it was Sheamus' turn to be all salty as he only stood on the ramp and watched.


PC Heartbreak

For at least a few weeks now, the WWE Diva's Champion, Charlotte, has displayed a willingness to bend the rules to s, something that her best friend, Becky Lynch, is not too fond of.  Tonight, Lynch took on Brie Bella, who got into a light Twitter beef after Ric Flair help P & C defeat Team Bella in tag team action on Monday.  For reasons not yet explained, Team BAD sat ringside in the audience for this match, as they had during the aforementioned tag match Monday but this time with UNITY signs,.

Surprisingly, Brie took early control of the match until Charlotte came down to the ring, with entrance music playing and all, which provided a slight distraction.  Later, Charlotte tripped Brie when she was coming off the ropes before Lynch locked in the Disarmer for the win.  I have to be honest when I state that I was not too happy with how the match was booked to seem as though Becky really did need help to put away Brie Bella of all people.  I am not like a majority of WWE fans.  I watch NXT and have since the very first Takeover on the WWE Network. I know better.

Anyhow, Lynch confronted Charlotte about her interference to which Charlotte said she did not want Lynch to lose.  Lynch took that to mean that Charlotte thinks she is not good enough to beat Brie Bella and so do I.  If I were Lynch, I would have been upset at this as well, not because I have some higher moral ground to stand on but because it's Brie freaking Bella.  Are you kidding me with that, Char-Char?  This would be the last straw for me but I can understand if Lynch is more forgiving because she is an incredible human being who is nice and lovely and the most adorable woman in the World.

I am completely into seeing how this turns out.


A Fight for the Intercontinent

The main event tonight was between former Intercontinental Champions, Kevin Owens and Dolph Ziggler.  Ziggler was looking for a measure of revenge for KO powerbombing him into Ambrose this past Monday after interrupting a match between the IC Champion and the Show Off.  KO was just looking to hurt someone because he needs the Intercontinental Championship.  It is obviously his drug and the withdrawal symptom (only one) seems to be beating the holy hell out of anyone who gets near it.

The match started with Ziggler and KO trading punches.  KO quickly took control using his strength advantage.  Ziggler attempted to mount some offense only to be knocked back down and dominated again.  Ziggler almost hit a super kick but KO ducked and took a powder outside of the ring.  Ziggler did not let him rest and instead took the fight outside where he sent KO into the barricade.  But, as the story of this made played out, KO took control yet again.

KO displayed a more vicious side to him in this match by targeting Ziggler's neck with stiff forearm shots and submissions.  Ziggler continued to fight, able to catch KO off guard with some quick roll ups.  He found an opening to make a comeback when KO ran into the steel post and fell out of the ring.  Zigger hit several elbow drops then started "tuning up the band" for the superkick.  He missed and KO delivered a huge belly to belly suplex which got a near fall.  KO went to the top rope.  Ziggler jumped up to stop him and KO dropped down and delivered a German suplex followed by a Canonball, but only got a two count.

KO sent Ziggler into the ropes for the Pop Up Powerbomb but Ziggler avoided it.  He went for it two more times but ended up eating a superkick. KO kicked out and the two men continued to go at it until KO launched Ziggler outside of the ring, which really hurt his neck.  KO was relentless and continued to target the neck.  The referee ordered KO to take the action inside the ring but KO continued his attack then threw Ziggler over the announce table.  This was a touch too far for the referee's liking so he disqualified KO.

After the match, KO continued his assault of Ziggler with the intent of putting him through the announce table.  Ambrose ran out to make the save and immediately began to brawl with KO, who traded a few blows before leaving the ring.  Ziggler, who was being helped by the referee, ate a KO superkick for his troubles.  Ambrose chased KO off and went to check up on Ziggler, who ended up superkicking Ambrose's head off to KO's delight.  So, clearly, there is a three man feud going on here and I could not be more pleased with this.  We have the fighting champion, Ambrose, the former champion with a huge chip on his shoulder, KO, and the dude that feels overlooked looking to prove he is the best, Ziggler.  This one could be really fun.


All The Rest

  • Alberto Del Rio versus Ryback: Del Rio won with an assist from the League of Nations.  After the match, Ryback ate a Brogue Kick from Sheamus then felt the Accolade from Rusev.
  • Backstage segment with Summer Breeze and Goldust: Funny little segment that furthered Tyler Breeze and Sum-Sum's characters and got this fan interested in more Breeze/Goldust interactions.
  • Tyler Breeze versus Titus O'Neil: Goldust came out during the match and sat in Breeze's lounge area with Sum-Sum and distracted Breeze by playing with his selfie stick.  This allowed Titus to win the match. After the match, Goldy continued posing for selfies while Sum-Sum tended to her man.
  • Dean Ambrose interview: Ambrose is not concerned about KO getting into his head.  Ambrose seems to be on a mission to make the IC Championship the "workhorse" championship again.  But that's gonna be the WWE WHC now, Dean.
  • Wyatt Family promo: Holy shit, ToddlerFace McNippleslip said he likes to feel dudes take their last breath in his arms.  That's freaking scary.  But . . . Wyatts, I still don't believe you and you STILL need more people.
  • Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston versus Lucha Dragons: Lucha Dragons were victorious and will get a WWE Tag Team Championship match on SmackDown next week when it airs live on the USA Network on Tuesday, December 22, 2015.  I'm waiting patiently for the New Day to actually have a real feud of substance instead of just trolling everyone and their mothers then losing to some random tag team and then winning the title match against said random tag team.  All year with this team.  Wash, rinse, PLEASE STOP REPEATING THIS! .Also, Xavier Woods wrestled in elf shoes.
  • Dolph Ziggler interview: Yes, Van Ziggler, you are collateral damage.  This is your life.  Get used to it, buddy.  And, um, dude, you HAVE taken days off.  Stop throwing shade at KO, Shady Boots.
  • KO interview: OMG, KO called Ambrose a cockroach because he seems to survive anything but he will not survive Fight Owens Fight.  Or is it Kill Owens Kill since he vowed to send Ziggler to the hospital following their match.


SmackDown started off with Roman Reigns holding the WWE WHC and beating up fools and ended with a clear cut Ziggler/Ambrose/Owens feud headed our way.  In between, we got a fun little interaction between Breeze and Goldust, which I feel could do a very good service of getting Breeze's character over with a wider audience.  Also, I am fully invested in how Becky Lynch will respond to Charlotte's new attitude. There were some things not so great, like New Day losing yet another non-title tag team match, Breeze actually losing to Titus O'Neil, and a not so interesting Ryback/Del Rio match but I feel none of that actively took away from my enjoy of the show.

Rating: B +

That's all for this week, Cagesiders! What are your thoughts on the show? Let me know what you think in the comments.

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