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NXT TakeOver: London results: Finn Bálor retains NXT Championship against Samoa Joe

The Demon continues his reign. Can anyone defeat Finn Bálor?

In perhaps Finn Bálor's biggest challenge to date, he met up with Samoa Joe at NXT TakeOver: London on Wendesday. Joe took the NXT Champion to his limit, but wasn't able to knock the reigning champ off his throne.

If there were any doubt Bálor would show up without the demon in tow, he not only arrived in full demon regalia, but with an added Jack the Ripper twist on top of it. Noted London hero Jack the Ripper. Joe wasn't too concerned about it, however, as he noted in a pre-match video package that Bálor's demon is no match for him, because he's a monster.

The match was a good old-fashioned Samoa Joe brawl, as the revitalized former TNA and Ring of Honor world champion controlled Bálor for most of the contest. Bálor would rebound and hit a few hope spots, but would get met with another vicious strike or maneuver by Joe.

Bálor finally managed to make a comeback, hitting Joe with a tope con hilo and a double stomp to the back from the top rope. He took Joe down with a spinning kick and Sling Blade, but Joe evaded a dropkick and hit a big senton. Bálor escaped from a Muscle Buster attempt and hit a Pele kick, putting both men down.

The two men traded blows and Joe reversed another Pele kick attempt into the Coquina clutch. He tried for the clutch again, but Bálor rolled through and hit a double stomp to Joe's midsection. Bálor went on a flurry, hitting another Sling Blade and a succession of dropkicks into the corners. He scaled the ropes to go for the Coup de Grace but was met by big Samoa Joe kick. Bálor fought off Joe and finally landed the Coup de Grace for the hard-earned victory.

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