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NXT TakeOver: London results: Bayley retains NXT Women's Championship against Nia Jax

It looked like Bayley's reign was over for sure. But she managed to win by submission, thanks to sheer determination.

It sure looked like the most beloved wrestler in WWE finally met her match on Wednesday during NXT TakeOver: London. NXT Women's Champion Bayley went up against the fearsome Nia Jax and only managed to win by the skin of her teeth, forcing Jax to tap out via guillotine choke.

Jax manhandled Bayley right from the start, tossing her around and hitting power moves. Bayley attempted to overwhelm Jax with her speed, agility and determined flurries, but there was only so much she could do against her much larger opponent.

Jax sunk in a swinging cobra clutch for a good long while, but Bayley managed to escape and mount a comeback. She hit Jax with two middle-rope elbows, but couldn't get the challenger off her feet. She finally hit a top-rope senton, but Jax kicked out and sent Bayley completely out of the ring.

A Samoan drop from Jax only resulted in a two-count, but Jax hit two more, followed by the big leg drop. However, she opted to only cover Bayley with one foot, which allowed Bayley to kick out. After three avalanche splashes in the corner and a big biel, Jax hit an armbreaker and three leg drops to the back of the head, but Bayley still managed to kick out at two.

Jax went for a superplex, but Bayley sank in a guillotine choke. Jax looked to be in trouble for a moment, but muscled out. Bayley went to the guillotine again, and again Jax powered out. Bayley tried for the submission a third time and finally, after an agonizing wait, Jax tapped out.

Prior to the title match, a backstage interview with Nia led to a staredown with Asuka. Nia said she'll "dominate and destroy" any woman that stands in her path. It looks like we're on a collision course heading to Jax vs. Asuka. There will be a reckoning on that day, make no mistake.

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