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Rudo Radio episode 24, featuring Bob Backlund

We recap TLC and "RAW," preview NXT TakeOver: London and talk to the one and only Mr. Bob Backlund!

This week, we're thrilled to be joined by former two-time WWF champion Bob Backlund. He has a new autobiography out and it's great, so you should head over to Backlund Energy and pick up a copy. So this week, you get a lengthy interview with Mr. Backlund, PLUS we recap the crazy couple days of pro wrestling that just happened. ADDED VALUE.

Click below to listen now!

On this week's episode:

00:00 - Welcome!
00:49 - TLC and RAW recap and wrap-up
01:31 - Lucha Dragons' coming-out party
04:06 - Chair match vs. chairs match
06:17 - Intercontinental title change
07:14 - What do you do with Dean Ambrose now?
10:17 - Wyatts vs. ECWs
13:52 - Cheatin'-ass Charlotte
18:07 - The two-night Roman vs. Sheamus saga
24:56 - What happens at the Royal Rumble?
29:20 - Mr. Bob Backlund joins us!
1:13:17 - NXT TakeOver: London preview
1:24:11 - Goodbye!

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