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Mauro Ranallo: 'SmackDown' will be a 'hybrid' of WWE and NXT

The blue show is getting a big overhaul. This could mean great things for fans of NXT.

Bleacher Report's Jonathan Snowden posted an exclusive interview on Tuesday with new SmackDown announcer Mauro Ranallo. It's a very informative interview, but the most intriguing part is Ranallo commenting on the big changes coming to SmackDown when the show moves to USA Network in January.

"It's a brand-new platform, and it's great to have both programs under one umbrella at the USA Network.

I get the sense they want to make it kind of a hybrid between Raw, the flagship show with all the storylines and great performances from our Superstars in the ring, and what's happening in NXT. That's really been a phenomenon, and I'm a huge proponent of that style of storytelling.

I think if SmackDown can become a hybrid of the two, we'll have a winning formula regardless of who's on the microphone. But since it's going to be me, I love that it's playing to my strengths. I think they want to set us all up to succeed.

It's going to be a new look and a new sound with the move to USA on Thursday, January 7."

WWE has been searching for a way to make SmackDown relevant again for a couple of years now. If they're really going to make it a hybrid show that emulates (and incorporates) NXT, that would be a big step in the right direction for a good number of fans.

The whole interview is worth your time, so head over to Bleacher Report to check it out.

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