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Can't tell if new WWE champ Roman Reigns is being nice or menacing in his response to Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins never lost his WWE World Heavyweight championship. A knee injury forced him to vacate it.

So it's understandable that his message to new champ Roman Reigns included a promise to come take back what was his.

The Big Dog's response is a little harder to read.

Is he just being a good fighting champ? Does he really care about the health of the man he once held the WWE tag titles with, or is he just mocking his misfortune (also understandable considering that Seth's long run with the top prize in wrestling started by taking advantage of him when he was wounded at WrestleMania 31)?

If Roman is still the champ when Rollins is cleared to return, the company will have a decision to make. Guys coming back from injury are usually cheered, but Seth's backstory with Reigns might be too good to pass up - and would probably mandate The Architect be a bad guy.

All things to ponder over the next several months.

One things for sure. These former brothers are gonna fight.

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