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WWE TLC 2015 full match preview: Tag Team Championship Triple Threat Ladder

The Match Up:

The World famous two time WWE Tag Team Champions, the New Day, defend the titles in a Triple Threat Ladder match against the Usos and the Lucha Dragons this Sunday, December 13, 2015 at the Tables. Ladders, and Chairs (TLC) pay-per-view, being held in Boston, Massachusetts.  Can the Power of Positivity withstand two challengers for the bronze belts or will USO CRAZY or LUCHA, LUCHA walk out as champs?

The Road to TLC:

After winning the tag team championships for the second time in a Fatal Four-Way match at Summerslam, the New Day found themselves facing the Dudley Boyz, who made their return to the company the night after SS, for the better part of the fall.  While Xavier Woods was put through a table or three, New Day solidly defeated the ECW legends and put them in the past.

The Usos returned to action last month, joining their cousin, Roman Reigns, in a Survivor Series style match on RAW. They faced the Lucha Dragons in a number one contender's match for the tag team titles a couple of weeks ago.  Neither team won the match due to New Day interfering.  So, one would imagine since there was no real winner of the match, especially with how New Day has pretty much gone out of their way to suck up to TWO Authority approved champions, they would either get to pick their next challengers for the titles or they simply would get a pass this time around.


The New Day's reward for being the sole reason to care about the WWE Tag Team Championships since Tyson Kidd went down due to injury was rewarded by getting BOTH the Lucha Dragons and the Usos as their opponents, in a ladder match, no less, where New Day does not have to be involved in the finish at all to lose the titles.  New Day also has had the pleasure of getting embarrassed by both teams on more than one occasion.  Also, Lucha Dragons have beaten New Day in non-title matches.

That's booty, ladies and gentlemen.  I do not know about you but I am tired of wrestlers doing things for the Authority just because they are supposed to be heels and yet the Authority washes their hands of them otherwise.  The New Day had been essentially Authority sponsored goons for a solid week yet have been put in a high stakes championship match with two opponents.  And I don't think the fact that all three New Day members can compete is fair.  I love Xavier Woods but he is hardly seen as a threat.

Needless to say, this build has been . . . not the best.

Screw it.  This happened:

The Stakes:

The WWE Tag Team Championships are on the line.  This one is for all the marbles.  Any team could responsibly walk out with the belts but something tells me that Sunday will be  USO CRAZY.  One thing is certain.  This match has all the potential to be the best of the night as I am sure all seven performers will look to thrill the Boston crowd.  It's anyone's guess who will reach up and grab those titles this Sunday.  The more important question is: Where will the tag team division go IF the New Day loses?

WWE TLC airs on the WWE Network Sunday, December 13, 2015 at 7 pm central time.  Join us here at Cageside Seats for the live blog.

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