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WWE TLC 2015 results: Sheamus defeats Roman Reigns to retain the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

The world champ and his opponent went on a wild ride in the main event of Sunday night's pay-per-view.

The current feud between Sheamus and Roman Reigns hasn't been very well-received by WWE fans. During the TLC pay-per-view on Sunday night, both men wisely chose to dispense with talking, silly jokes and name-calling and get down to what they do best: hitting each other really hard for an extended period of time. When all was said and done, Sheamus retained the title thanks to help from his cohorts in the League of Nations.

Reigns and Sheamus were pulling no punches from the opening bell, when Reigns socked the champ in the face with a stiff punch. They brawled all over ringside, up and down the ramp early on and made sure to hit one another with chairs and ladders.

Reigns got backdropped through a table on the ramp, then got put through another via modified Falcon Arrow. Sheamus sent him through a third table with White Noise from the top of the ring steps. Reigns was able to recuperate and powerbomb Sheamus onto a ladder. By the end of the match, Sheamus' famous pale skin was bearing nasty-looking marks that spoke to the physicality of the contest.

Sheamus got hit by a "Superman chair." Both men went through a ladder courtesy of a Reigns Samoan drop. Reigns finally managed to nail Sheamus with a Superman Punch and started to climb toward the title, but Sheamus recovered long enough to pull down the ladder. Sheamus then started to climb, but Reigns scaled the other side of the ladder and hit Sheamus with another Superman Punch, sending him off the chair and through a table. That's when Alberto Del Rio and Rusev of the League of Nations hit the ring.

Del Rio got Sheamus to his feet while Rusev held Reigns, but Reigns recovered and hit both Rusev and Del Rio with Superman Punches. He climbed back in the ring and pulled Sheamus off the ladder, but Sheamus rebounded off the ropes and hit the Brogue Kick, knocking Reigns clean out of the ring.

Reigns started to climb back in the ring, to Sheamus' shock, and the champ quickly pulled down the title to retain.

After the match, Reigns snapped, laying out the entire League of Nations with a chair, then using it to beat down Sheamus again and again.

When Triple H and Stephanie ran out to check on Sheamus, Reigns nailed Triple H with a big Superman Punch. He then waffled Triple H with a chair several times while Stephanie McMahon screamed in horror. Reigns put Triple H through the announce table with a huge elbow, then speared him to the ground as referees tried to help him to the back.

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