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WWE TLC 2015 results: Dean Ambrose defeats Kevin Owens for the Intercontinental Championship

Sunday may have been for tables, ladders and chairs, but Owens and Ambrose didn't need outside assistance to beat the stuffing out of each other.

In a match that needed no gimmicks, Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens was unable to successfully defended his title against challenger Dean Ambrose during Sunday night's TLC pay-per-view in Boston.

This was a rematch of sorts, as Owens and Ambrose met in the semifinals of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship tournament at Survivor Series last month. Just like in November, Ambrose got the win ... although this time, he walked away with his second WWE singles title, as well.

Owens came to the ring running down the Boston crowd. He said that while Boston sports teams have won championships, the fans haven't actually won anything at all. He called the fans "delusional" and said they have a lot in common with his delusional opponent, Dean Ambrose. He also said Ambrose throwing popcorn and soda in his face on RAW doesn't bother him, because "I eat popcorn and drink soda every day of my life."

The match itself was what most expected: a very physical, fast-paced brawl. Owens tried to get a countout victory by giving Ambrose a fallaway slam into the barricade and then dumping him into the timekeeper's pavilion, but Ambrose was able to beat the count, then get his knees up on an Owens senton to turn the tide.

Ambrose hit his Dirty Deeds finisher, but Owens just managed to get two fingers on the bottom rope (in theory). Ambrose survived a superkick and was able to reverse a pop-up powerbomb attempt into a victory roll for the win.

After the match, Ambrose celebrated in the crowd.

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