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WWE TLC 2015 results: Alberto Del Rio retains United States Championship, thanks to chairs

The United States Champion and his challenger came out with chairs swinging.

The feud between Alberto Del Rio and Jack Swagger has been confusing at best, but both men gave it their all in a Chairs Match for the United States Championship on Sunday night.

The beef between the two men, which has centered on the allegiance of former(?) bigot Zeb Colter, was treated as a true blood feud in this match. When the bell rang, both men slid out of the ring, each grabbed a chair and went right to work trying to maim the other.

Swagger has largely been relegated to Superstars or has been off television entirely for the past several months and he looked like he was trying to make the most of what for him is a rare PPV match. Del Rio similarly looked motivated once again ... and is as good as anyone when he's on.

While Chairs Matches aren't generally the most well-loved of gimmick matches, they managed to work steel chairs in throughout the match and come up with some clever spots, including Del Rio tossing tons of them at Swagger on the outside and Swagger sinking in an ankle lock while Del Rio's foot was trapped in a chair.

Despite Swagger's best efforts, Del Rio was able to hit his top-rope corner stomp on Swagger, who landed on a couple of chairs. Del Rio then pinned Swagger to retain.

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