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WWE TLC 2015 results: Sasha Banks submits Becky Lynch on Kickoff Show

Tonight's TLC event at the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts kicked off -- get it, because it's the Kickoff show -- with a Sasha Banks vs. Becky Lynch match. Well, it actually kicked off with Team BAD in the ring singing about the 12 days of WWE Christmas.

It was so bad, the fans in Boston, Sasha's hometown, booed after cheering her entrance. So, mission accomplished for the heels?

Becky, meanwhile, got a solid pop. Then they went out and actually wrestled a fine match that got a lot more time than most pre-show matches tend to get. They worked a ton of reversals while Michael Cole talked about how well they know each other.

In the end, Becky had the Disarm-her locked on and looked like she was about to get the tap before Team BAD interfered and Sasha locked the Bank Statement in to get the submission.

Charlotte was nowhere to be found.

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