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WWE TLC 2015 results, live stream play-by-play updates: Sheamus vs. Roman Reigns

WWE Survivor Series is all set to pop off tonight (Sun., Dec. 13, 2015) from the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts at 7:00 p.m. ET, live on the WWE Network. You may also be able to watch this on pay-per-view (PPV) if your cable provider is carrying the event. will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, match-by-match coverage of TLC below, beginning with the first match of the evening and right on through to the main event.

Kick your off your shoes, relax, and enjoy all the action with your favorite pro wrestling website. And remember to keep refreshing! (Reminder: GIFs, pics, and links to illegal streams are not allowed in this thread. Offenders will be banned.)

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Sheamus def. Roman Reigns
Dean Ambrose def Kevin Owens
New Day def. Lucha Dragons and. Usos
Charlotte def. Paige
Alberto Del Rio def. Jack Swagger
Wyatt Family def. ECW Originals
Rusev def Ryback
Sasha Banks def. Becky Lynch



Chris here. Let's break some stuff...


Preshow Highlights

  • Our preshow panel tonight consists of Renee Young, Booker T, Byron Saxton, and Corey Graves.
  • Backstage, The Usos are trying to get pumped up for their ladder match when the Lucha Dragons pop in and vow to win by saying that the sky is the limit. As the teams chat, they are given presents from their Secret Santa. The packages consist of a New Day t-shirt, the unicorn horn, and a message saying that The New Day is gonna win.
  • Shucky Ducky Quack Quack returns, and whoop-de-do.
  • Backstage, Ric Flair is talking on the phone backstage when he encounters Paige, who talks about him always stealing the spotlight. Flair retorts by saying that Charlotte has her own aura while he has is own aura. The conversation goes on and on until Paige gives him a chance of a lifetime, and that chance is for him to console a sobbing Charlotte when she eventually loses. Paige ends by trying to slap Flair, but he stops her mid-slap.
  • In a pre-recorded interview, Jack Swagger says that he's fighting not only for the United States Championship, but for his old Real American brother, Zeb Coulter.
  • Alberto Del Rio uncomfortably joins Tom Phillips in the Social Media Lounge. After telling Phillips to roll his R's, he tells us that he rejoined WWE because it's the major league of wrestling. He also says that he's better than Jack Swagger because he's Mexican (this was actually said). After a couple other questions, he walks out of the interview.


Sasha Banks vs Becky Lynch

  • Sasha, as the hometown girl, gets quite a big pop. Naomi hypes Christmas for whatever reason. Sasha says that Team BAD has a special song, and it's a rendition of 12 Days of Christmas, only revolving around TLC or something like that. It's bad.
  • Sasha and Becky engage in some technical wrestling. This breaks down into a monkey flip pin attempt from Sasha. The two women then exchange some pin attempts with the final attempt ending with Becky bridging out of's a freakishly awesome sight.
  • Becky starts to work Sasha's arm with some arm drags followed by an armbar. This is broken after a few moments, and Becky tries to follow with a couple pin attempts. Sasha escapes and is locked into another armbar. Sasha breaks this with a few forearms and whips Becky into the corner. Becky jumps out of the corner and restarts the arm work.
  • Sasha and Becky are eventually separated in the corner. Becky is able to hit her bouncing kick spot and knocks Naomi off of the apron. This distraction allows Sasha to mount Becky between the turnbuckles and hit the double knees into Becky's back as we go to a break.
  • Sasha is in control as we return from break. Becky battles back until Sasha hits a backstabber and locks in a straitjacket choke (commentary thinks that it's the Bank Statement...heh). Becky stands up with Sasha in an electric chair position, Sasha tries to hits a Victory Roll, but Becky reverses at two for a two.
  • Becky starts to mount a comeback, but misses a leg drop. Sasha makes her pay with a straitjacket neckbreaker for two. Sasha is not impressed after the third quick pin attempt.
  • Sasha badmouths Becky a bit before slapping her. Becky responds with a couple uppercuts and a pumphandle suplex for two following a pretty cool sequence. Becky tries to follow up with an armbar, but can't quite get it locked in. Sasha tries to reverse with a roll-up, but Becky escapes and locks in the Disarmer.
  • As Becky has Sasha locked in the Disarmer, Tamina runs distraction. This allows Naomi to kick Becky to force a break. Sasha takes advantage and locks in the Bank Statement for the win.

Sasha Banks def Becky Lynch


Backstage, the League of Nation vows to dominate their competition tonight. Sheamus vows that their actions will echo throughout the world.


WWE Signature and a video package for TLC.


The Usos vs Lucha Dragons vs The New Day (Triangle Ladder Match for WWE Tag Team Championship)

  • Before the match, Xavier Woods tells us that he wasn't going to waste an excellent hairdo on Boston. They also claim that they will cement themselves as the faces of the tag team division when they win (but hasn't that been done?). They also make an awesome future Wheaties box cover.
  • Xavier Woods joins commentary as the bell rings. Sin Cara and Big E go at it as everyone else goes for some ladders. Also, please be aware that this match is going to move very quickly, so I won't be able to hit on every moment.
  • Big E and Kofi Kingston set up a ladder, but are fought off by The Usos and Lucha Dragons. Soon enough, every person tries to climb the ladder for the title, but are fought off. Eventually the Lucha Dragons dump Big E and Kofi and follow with stereo moonsaults to the outside.
  • Inside the ring, The Usos grab the ladder and knock both Lucha Dragons off the apron. After, they throw the ladder onto the group to the outside and follow with Flying Usos onto everyone.
  • The Usos reset the ladder and throw an annoying Kofi out of the ring. Big E doesn't like this much, so he takes down both Usos. Kofi hits an Uso with a ladder as Big E dispatches the other.
  • Kofi and Big E sit one Uso in a corner and place a ladder onto him. Xavier gets up for his trombone as Kofi is whipped into the corner. Shortly after, Big E suplexes the other Uso onto the ladder.
  • Big E and the Lucha Dragons have a test of strength with a ladder until Kalisto drops Big E with a senton. Sin Cara soon follows with a ladder-assisted splash. Following this, Sin Cara kills himself by diving onto the Usos, who are under a ladder.
  • The insanity continues inside as Kalisto traps Big E under the ladder and climbs. Big E starts to lift the ladder until Sin Cara starts to climb. Big E channels his tricep meat and lift the ladder. Sin Cara crashes down. Kalisto falls into the waiting arms of The Usos before being slammed hard.
  • The Usos dropkick Big E with the assistance of a corner ladder. A small ladder is introduced into the ring and Kofi is introduced to said ladder with a body slam. One Uso teases a splash, but Kofi crotches him. Kofi and the Uso fight on the buckle as the other Uso tosses the Uso a ladder. The new ladder is introduced into Kofi's midsection, setting him in the Tree of Woe. A hip attack makes sure that Kofi is out of commission.
  • The Usos set up the ladder as the Lucha Dragons enter and spark a staredown. All four men try to climb the ladder, sparking a tussle until the Lucha Dragons get the upper hand after an assisted wheelbarrow senton (Kalisto makes the contact). They follow this with the monkey-flip 450 from Kalisto as the Uso has a ladder draped on him.
  • Kofi comes back from his near death experience and tussles with Kofi until Kalisto hits a huracanrana on Kofi, who is sent careening into a bridged ladder. That looked legitimately painful.
  • Kalisto climbs the ladder until one of the Usos stops him. Soon enough, both Usos and Sin Cara join the fray. Kalisto and Jey Uso are left climbing until they start brawling at the top of the ladder. Wait a minute.....KALISTO EXECUTES SALIDA DEL SOL ON JEY USO, SENDING THEM BOTH CRASHING THROUGH THE BRIDGED LADDER, AND SIN CARA GOES FOLLOWING WITH A SWANTON...HOLY BALLS!!!
  • A "this is awesome" chant starts as Kalisto and Jimmy Uso climb the ladder. Kalisto is knocked off by Jimmy, and Jimmy climbs until Big E reenters and pulls him off the ladder. Big E is thrown outside, but he retaliates with some tricep meat. Eventually Big E is knocked down with a ladder, and Jimmy Uso teases a springboard splash. However, the crazy bastard gets onto the turnbuckle and HITS A SPLASH ONTO BIG E!!!
  • Everyone is dead minus Kalisto, who climbs the ladder. Xavier Woods is displeased, so he gets up off of commentary and throws the trombone at Kalisto, knocking him off the ladder. Kofi Kingston is able to climb the ladder and retrieve the tag titles to win.

The New Day def Lucha Dragons and The Usos; retain the Tag Team Championship

What a freaking insane match!


Ryback vs Rusev

  • Rusev starts this with some good strikes to Ryback. Ryback quickly comes back and starts hossing Rusev around the outside, eventually charging into Rusev, who is against the timekeeper's barrier. They get back inside where Ryback hits a top-rope forearm followed by a gorilla press followed by a splash.
  • Ryback mounts Rusev in the corner and does some punches, but Rusev counters by dropping Ryback neck-first onto the ropes. Rusev then start to land some good strikes and other stuff on Ryback.
  • Rusev holds Ryback in some kind of sleeper hold...thing for a few moments until Ryback fights out. The two have a test of strength via a suplex with Ryback getting the eventual win. Ryback starts to rally back and lands a top-rope missile dropkick (yes) for two.
  • Ryback says that this is over, but Rusev charges him into the corner. Rusev charges and eats ringpost, sending him to the ground. Ryback climbs the buckle and lands a top-rop cross body (yes) for two. Ryback calls for the Meat Hook, but Rusev rolls outside and starts walking out. Ryback follows and drags Rusev back inside with Lana following closely.
  • Rusev and Ryback tussle until Ryback is sent stumbling back into Lana, who slaps Ryback's back and screams murder. The distraction allows Rusev to hit DAT KICK on Ryback. After congratulating Lana for her little ploy, Rusev gets Ryback in the ring for a two count.
  • Rusev calls for The Accolade, but cannot lock it in. Ryback gets out and goes for Shell Shock. Rusev escapes and hits another kick on Ryback. This allows Rusev to lock in The Accolade, causing Ryback to pass out.

Rusev def Ryback


Backstage, Dean Ambrose is working his fingers when Roman Reigns pops in. Reigns envisions himself grabbing the WWE World Heavyweight Championship as a destroyed Sheamus lies under the ladder. Despite the result, Reigns is going to make a statement tonight. As for Ambrose, he vows to stand alongside Reigns as champions.


Jack Swagger vs Alberto Del Rio (Chairs Match for United States Championship)

  • As expected, there are a hilarious number of chairs surrounding the ring.
  • The bell rings and both men immediately get a chair. Both men reenact the upcoming Star Wars movie with chair before some brawling starts and they head outside where Del Rio's head hits a few chairs.
  • They get back inside where Del Rio hits Swagger's throat with a chair. Del Rio then goes to work on Swagger with said chair. The chair is placed into the corner. After some brawling, Swagger is whipped into the corner, but stops himself before contact is made. Del Rio takes advantage and hits a backstabber for two.
  • Del Rio takes another chair and lands some hard shots on Swagger's back. As Del Rio sets up for a superkick or something, Swagger hurls a chair at Del Rio's head and rallies back. He goes for the Swagger bomb, but Del Rio gets his feet up. Swagger is able to adjust himself to attempt a Patriot Lock that Del Rio kicks out of. A tilt-a-whirl backbreaker gets a two count.
  • We go back outside where Del Rio is channeling his inner ECW fan as he buries Swagger in chairs. After the burial, Del Rio rolls Swagger back inside for a two count.
  • Del Rio calls for the cross armbreaker, but Swagger is able to avoid it by hurling Del Rio shoulder-first into the ringpost. He follows this with a schoolboy for a very close two.
  • It's Swagger's turn to punish Del Rio as he hits him with a chair. As Del Rio begs for mercy, Swagger locks in a chair-assisted Patriot Lock. Del Rio attempts a rope-break but it doesn't help. Eventually Del Rio has to resort to dragging himself out of the ring.
  • Del Rio hits Swagger with a chair and climbs the buckle with said chair. Swagger catches a flying Del Rio and lands a powerslam for two. He follows with a successful Swagger Bomb for another two. After the pin attempt, Swagger channels his inner Dean Ambrose by dragging a bunch of chairs into the ring.
  • Swagger places the chairs in the center of the ring, places Del Rio onto the buckle, and teases a superplex. Del Rio counters by locking in a hanging cross armbreaker that Swagger eventually escapes.
  • Del Rio gets frustrated and, after placing Swagger face-first into the corner, lands a bunch of chairshots on him. After stacking some chairs under him, Del Rio double-stomps Swagger onto said pile to win.

Alberto Del Rio def Jack Swagger; retains United States Championship


ECW Originals vs The Wyatt Family (Eight Man Tables Elimination Match)

  • Before the match, Jojo interviews the ECW Originals. They mainly talk about being extreme and unity and all that fun. Also, this is one of those elimination matches where every member of the opposing team has to be dumped through a table.
  • A loud "ECW" chant rings as both teams stare each other down. The bell rings and the brawl starts. The referee remains in the ring as the brawling starts. Tommy Dreamer exits the ring and tosses in some trash cans and baseballs and kendo sticks and other fun toys. Everyone heads outside and keeps beating each other until Braun Strowman channels Juggernaut and runs through everyone.
  • Inside the ring, Bubba Ray Dudley and Strowman go at it. Strowman goes for a running kick, but Bubba Ray dodges and Strowman puts his foot through a table, but isn't eliminated (I don't get it). All four ECW Originals gang up on Strowman until they are fought off.
  • D-Von Dudley eventually ends up on a table at the work of Erick Rowan. Rowan goes for a dive, but is shoved off by Rhyno. Soon after, Rowan is 3D'd through a table, causing him to be eliminated.
  • An angry Wyatt Family goes to work on Rhyno (including a called Michinoku Driver from Luke Harper). As Rhyno is worked over, Bubba Ray starts working over Strowman until the latter overpowers Bubba Ray.
  • Inside, Rhyno gets the advantage and suplexes Bray Wyatt and Harper. Rhyno goes for the Gore on Wyatt, but eats a flying forearm. Harper then boots Rhyno through the table for an elimination.
  • The Dudley Boyz start working over Harper, eventually ending with a Doomsday Device. Bubba Ray then loses his mind by going after Strowman again for reasons, and it doesn't go too well. Inside, D-Von holds his own against Wyatt and Harper. Soon after, D-Von grabs a table.
  • As D-Von sets up a table, Bray Wyatt sparks up and hits a Black Hole Slam on D-Von, sending him crashing through the table for the elimination.
  • The remaining Wyatts gang up on Bubba Ray until Dreamer brings some kendo sticks in to even the odds. Strowman is sent outside in front of a table. After crashing into the stairs, Dreamer grabs a random cheese grater and introduces it into Strowman's testicles. Bubba Ray and Dreamer then bury Strowman under tables.
  • Dreamer reenters the ring just to be planted by Harper. Dreamer rolls outside and Harper follows with a suicide dive that sends Dreamer through a table for the elimination.
  • Bubba Ray is all alone as he works on Bray Wyatt. He sets up a table, but it isn't enough, so he gets some damn lighter fluid and coats the table with it. As he sets up Wyatt for a powerbomb, Harper superkicks Bubba Ray. Strowman follows by hitting a uranage on Bubba Ray that sends him through a table.

The Wyatt Family def ECW Originals


A hype video airs for the Royal Rumble


Dean Ambrose vs Kevin Owens (Intercontinental Championship)

  • Before the match, Kevin Owens cuts a promo on Boston's sports fans before comparing them to the delusional Dean Ambrose. Owens questions Ambrose's accomplishments, eventually calling Ambrose's Survivor Series win a fluke.
  • The bell rings and Ambrose takes advantage early with some strikes until this rally ends with a big shoulder block. Both men trade momentum for a moment until Owens hits a clothesline to the back of Ambrose's head. Owens opens Chinlock City for a bit until Ambrose breaks it with some headbutts and kicks. Owens responds with a belly-to-belly for two.
  • Another chinlock ensues, and Ambrose breaks this with a back suplex. Both men get up and Ambrose goes for Dirty Deeds, but Owens escapes. Owens is sent outside and eats a suicide dive from Ambrose. The two go a bit outside until Owens reverses a rebound clothesline with a fall-away slam to the barricade and follows with a running senton. Owens then sends Ambrose into the timekeeper's area.
  • Ambrose stumbles back into the ring at 9. An unimpressed Owens delivers a senton to Ambrose's knees, sparking another Ambrose comeback that culminates in a big rebound clothesline followed by an attempted elbow drop that Owens turns into a German suplex.
  • Owens tries to follow with a cannonball but misses. Ambrose follows-up with a flying elbow drop for two. Ambrose goes for a superplex on Owens ,but the latter turns it into a top-rope rolling senton for two...Owens is mad at this two count and yells at the ref.
  • After a crazy sequence of reversals, Ambrose hits Owens with Dirty Deeds, but OWENS GETS ONE FINGER ON THE ROPE TO FORCE A BREAK AT TWO!!!
  • After Owens recovers, he hits a superkick on Ambrose and goes for a roll-up. This gets two and Owens tries to follow-up with a pop-up powerbomb. Ambrose reverses this with a frankensteiner to win.

Dean Ambrose def Kevin Owens; wins Intercontinental Championship


Charlotte vs Paige (Divas Championship)

  • Charlotte goes for a handshake early, but Paige slaps it away, causing Charlotte to attack with a flurry of offense. After mocking Paige's "this is my house" taunt, Paige responds with some offense of her own. After a superkick, Charlotte does a Flair Flop and rolls outside as Paige struts.
  • Paige follows outside and goes after Charlotte. Charlotte hides behind her father and rushes into the ring. Paige shoots a glare at Ric and tries to reenter. Ric, however, holds Paige's foot long enough for Charlotte to take advantage. Charlotte gets a two count after a neckbreaker as a weak "we want Sasha" chant starts.
  • Charlotte locks Paige in a front facelock for a little bit until Paige battles out and is knocked down for her trouble. Charlotte then channels Ric more by dropping her knee brace for a knee drop for two. She follows up with the signature strut.
  • Paige eventually locks in a sleeper hold until Charlotte drops her with a sort-of backpack stunner. Charlotte tries to follow with the Figure Eight, but Paige kicks away. Charlotte follows by taking Paige leg out from under her and tries to follow with the old "wrap the leg around the post" gag, but Paige pulls Charlotte face-first into the post.
  • During the count, Ric causes a distraction that allows Charlotte to make it back inside. There, Paige makes a quick comeback and locks in a Figure Four after a corner knee. Charlotte is able to reverse the pressure, forcing Paige to get the ropes.
  • Charlotte hits a big boot on Paige before landing a close cross-body for two. Charlotte responds with some chops before eating a fisherman's suplex from Paige for two. Paige goes for a Boma Ye, but walks right into a Ram-Paige from Charlotte for two.
  • Charlotte goes for a spear, but eats a knee from Paige. After she taunts Ric, she lands a Ram-Paige on Charlotte, but Ric pulls out one of his old tricks and pulls Charlotte's foot to the ropes, breaking the hold.
  • As Paige argues with the referee, Charlotte makes it to the corner and uncovers the second turnbuckle that Ric was working on earlier in the match. Charlotte eventually sends Paige face-first into the unprotected buckle to win.

Charlotte def Paige; retains the Divas Championship


Roman Reigns vs Sheamus (TLC Match for WWE World Heavyweight Championship)

  • The bell rings and these two start trading some huge strikes as the crowd starts a dueling "We Want Cena (Cena Sucks)" chant...yes.
  • The two brawl to the outside where Sheamus tosses a ladder into Reigns, and Reigns responds by tossing Sheamus into the timekeeper's area. I should note that my Network feed is getting choppy.
  • Reigns gets a ladder in the ring just in time to eat a forearm from Sheamus. Reigns responds with a clothesline on the outside. He then deconstructs an announce table and bridges a ladder from the ladder to the ring. After the ladder is bridged, Reigns is hit with a chair and is rolled back inside. Sheamus then slides a table into the ring.
  • Sheamus re-plants Reigns with a tilt-a-whirl slam after some offense and sets a table up against the ropes. He tries to powerslam Reigns through it, but Reigns fights out and cactus-clotheslines him to the outside.
  • As the two brawl outside to the stage, a small "we want Rollins" chant starts. Reigns ignores these and throws Sheamus into an arrangement of tables, ladders, and chairs.
  • "TLC, baby!" - Reigns, who seems to be enjoying this.
  • More brawling ensues until Reigns goes for a powerbomb through a table. Sheamus reverses and back-drops Reigns through a table. Not satisfied, Sheamus gets Reigns up and slams him through a second table.
  • As Reigns writhes on the outside, Sheamus sets up a ladder on the inside and starts climbing. Reigns rushes in and shoves the ladder away, but Sheamus lands on his feet and throws Reigns outside. There, he throws a ladder into Reigns before slamming him into the ring steps. Sheamus tries to hit Reigns with a chair, but the ladder dodges.
  • After knocking Sheamus silly, Reigns goes for a drive-by, but Sheamus responds with a strike that knocks Reigns sillier. More uppercuts ensue before Sheamus lands White Noise through a table.
  • Sheamus drags himself into the ring, but Reigns drags himself to the apron and holds onto Sheamus' foot. Sheamus yells a lot as he hits Reigns with the ladder. Sheamus goes to follow with a rolling senton, but Reigns reverses with a schoolboy powerbomb onto the ladder as my stream stutters again.
  • Reigns starts to mount a comeback and lands a sort-of chair-assisted Superman Punch (I guess). He gets back into the ring and calls for the real thing, but walks into an Irish Curse Backbreaker.
  • The crowd chants for "NXT" as Sheamus starts with the ten beats of whatever until Reigns counters with some elbows. After a Network skip, Reigns hits a Samoan drop THROUGH that bridged ladder.
  • Reigns eventually staggers back inside to set up a ladder as Sheamus plays dead on the outside. Reigns gets close to the top when Sheamus catches up. The two jockey for position until Sheamus teases powerbombing Reigns. The latter escapes and does hit a Superman Punch. He climbs until Sheamus topples the ladder, sending Reigns careening onto the mat.
  • Sheamus climbs the ladder and fiddles with the title before eating a Superman Punch and crashing through the table. Reigns gets close to the top when Rusev and Alberto Del Rio pop in to run interference as you would expect. Rusev locks Reigns into The Accolade as Del Rio gets Sheamus onto the ladder.
  • After Superman Punches are doled out to Rusev and Del Rio, Reigns catches up to and pulls Sheamus off the ladder just to eat a Brogue Kick. Reigns drags himself back into the ring just to watch Sheamus pull the WWE WHC off of the hook to win.

Sheamus def Roman Reigns; retains WWE World Heavyweight Championship

As Del Rio and Rusev hoist Sheamus in a victory celebration, an unhappy Reigns reenters the ring and spears both Rusev and Del Rio. He then gets a chair and goes to town on everyone in the ring until Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, and a whole pack of referees interrupt. Despite their presence, Reigns keeps the punishment up.

That is until Triple H gets on the apron to talk sense into Reigns. Trips gets inside to check on Sheamus before barking at Reigns some more. As Trips looks away, Reigns nods his head and Superman Punches Trips before landing a few chair shots on the boss before powerbombing him onto the unbreakable Spanish table. To follow up, Reigns hits an elbow drop on Trips to break the table.

But wait, there's still more. As the doctors and referees assist Triple H, Reigns turns from the walkway and spears Trips for even more good measure. The crowd is eating this up bigtime as the show closes.

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