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WWE TLC 2015 predictions: Sheamus vs. Roman Reigns, Kevin Owens vs. Dean Ambrose, more!

WWE returns to pay-per-view (PPV) -- if your cable provider is carrying the event, of course -- tomorrow night (Sun., Dec. 13, 2015) live from the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts with its TLC event starting at 6:00 p.m. ET with the Kickoff show leading right on into the main course at 7 p.m. ET on the WWE Network.

Set for the card: Sheamus vs. Roman Reigns for the WWE world heavyweight championship, Kevin Owens vs. Dean Ambrose for the Intercontinental championship, Charlotte vs. Paige for the Divas championship, and so much more!

Luckily for you Cagesiders, our staff of learned wrestling blowhards is here to help figure out just how the event is going to play out with predictions for each match on the card.

Let's get to it.



Sheamus vs. Roman Reigns

Geno Mrosko: When considering who may win this match you have to consider if WWE is willing to put the title on Reigns at an event like this after everything that's happened. At this point, it wouldn't even have shock value. Pick: Sheamus

Sean Rueter: As much crap as we've given Vince and WWE for doubling down on bad decisions, I honestly don't see how they can do anything but here. They invested a lot over the last three weeks in both Sheamus as being main event worthy and Roman as a weirdly unbeatable underdog, so they're likely to continue with the form of Reigns fighting off all four members of League of Nations (maybe with some help from his Family, but including at least one "memorable" spot where he deals with each of them in short order) only for Triple H to appear to act as the one thing he can't overcome yet. That would leave them with time to take the belt off Sheamus before Mania and a "big" feud to put the Big Dog in that still isn't the top position in the company. Pick: Sheamus

Bill Hanstock: As horrible and derided as their RAW tater tots thing was, the actual brawl they had following that debacle was rad as hell. They're going to beat the piss out of each other with ladders and chairs for like 15 minutes and it's absolutely going to rule. Ultimately, I think the League of Nations helps Sheamus retain to set up a rematch for the Royal Rumble so fans don't have to be angry about Roman being in the Rumble yet again. Pick: Sheamus

Keith Harris: Pick: Sheamus

Cain A. Knight: Sheamus and most of his heel stable are the same scrubs who lost on a PPV pre-show in October to Dolph Ziggler and two borderline jobbers. They won't be a credible heel force any time soon, so WWE should just put the title on Roman right now. But this is a WWE PPV, and that means there will almost certainly be a screwy ending with an abundance of interference from The Family and The League of Nations. Please just don't let a returning Big Show be the one who costs Roman this match. Pick: Sheamus

Kyle Decker: A TLC match is built for overbooking and much interference, which can continue to keep Reigns from the title while still keeping him from straight out losing a match. Expect the League of Nations and the Family to be very involved in this match, leading to a Sheamus victory. Plus, they wouldn't put the strap on Roman after such a horrible build, would they? Pick: Sheamus

Chris Dawson: The build for this match is probably the worst that I have ever seen. If you thought that the tug-of-war between Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns was bad, then you haven't seen this utter mess. The main focus of this feud has been "5:15", and no, not the awesome song from The Who's iconic Quadrophenia album. I'm talking the fact that Reigns held the WWE WHC for 5 minutes and 15 seconds before eating some Brogue Kicks to lose it. Since then, the promos between Sheamus and Reigns have been nothing short of a disaster, with this past Raw having the distinct dishonor of having an ending segment that a 2000 WCW show would laugh at. With Reigns poised to get a story similar to one Daniel Bryan got for WrestleMania XXX, expect Reigns to lose, and The Authority is going to be responsible for this. Think the ratings are low enough now? Just you wait... Pick: Sheamus

Jason Martin: The match has less hype for a title match main event than any we've seen in a while, because the follow-up to the Survivor Series decision has simply not been very good. The match, however, will likely be solid. Fingers crossed neither gets hurt, because the danger is there, and Sheamus does tend to work stiff. Actually, so does Reigns, particularly in gimmick matches. You don't start a Reigns title...sorry...reign...with a win at TLC 2015. Far more likely there's a League of Nations presence throughout the match, particularly late, and Sheamus survives in a very dirty fashion. It should lead to a rematch at the Royal Rumble, where if it's me, you put Reigns over. Pick: Sheamus


Kevin Owens vs. Dean Ambrose

Geno Mrosko: There's no reason to think the Cincinnati Bengals are going to win the Super Bowl this year, despite how good they appear to be. Pick: Owens

Sean Rueter: I've said many times that they need to push Owens to the moon, because he's the only guy who can both handle it and send a message to casuals that something different is happening. And freeing him up to do that is the only reason I could see for them taking the title away from him now. Since I don't see that push coming, and 50/50 booking says Dean owes him a win... Pick: Kevin Owens

Bill Hanstock: This has potential to be match of the night (and COULD be a sleeper MOTYC if the stars align), but Owens is one of the few Superstars that WWE has been handling almost completely correctly since his feud with John Cena ended. I don't see his reign coming to an end just yet. Pick: Owens

Keith Harris: Pick: Kevin Owens

Cain A. Knight: Why did WWE choose Sheamus as the top heel right now instead of the clearly superior Kevin Owens? Because tater tots, that's why. Pick: Kevin Owens

Kyle Decker: The build to this has been rather lackluster. Kevin Owens is still rather protected while WWE doesn't seem to mind Ambrose losing often. I think that continues here and KO will continue to carry the IC belt for a long awhile. Pick: Kevin Owens

Chris Dawson: Where has the build for this feud been? Ever since Ambrose won his #1 contender's match, the only observable build I've remembered was Ambrose throwing popcorn and soda in Owens' face. Two of the best promos in the company, and we're resorting to the face single-handedly winning a food-fight against a heel. This company. Give me an apron bomb, Owens. Ambrose deserves it. Pick: Kevin Owens

Jason Martin: So sad how little this match means in terms of a legitimate storyline. These two could have engaged in good television over the past month, but more of Ambrose's focus has been with Reigns and the Usos than Owens, until this week when WWE had to tie them back together. The match will be good, probably longer than the original, and they'll try to steal the show. KO's momentum is precarious at this point, because he had a rocket strapped to his back for a few months and then was placed back in the midcard. I wouldn't be surprised with either result here, but because I have heels picked to win all night long, somebody has to win on the opposite side. It might as well be a guy people love. Pick: Dean Ambrose


New Day vs. Lucha Dragons vs. Usos

Geno Mrosko: What if Vince McMahon believes the key to pleasing millennials is to let New Day run wild on WWE programming? Wouldn't we have said that would be a great idea and then they did it and we ended up kind of hating it anyway? Pick: New Day

Sean Rueter: The interesting thing to do is to put Jimmy & Jey over with some heel-ish teases, which are then followed up on when they start to make jokes about being the only ones in The Family to be able to capture gold (or bronze, know what I mean). Until they prove me wrong though, I'll remain believing that WWE is not in the business of doing interesting things right now. Pick: The New Day

Bill Hanstock: If there's a time for the New Day to lose their titles (and there isn't), it's here, where they can lose them without being pinned, or even involved in the finish. So I'll guess for a title switch here and the New Day will soon become your THREE TIME TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS. Pick: Lucha Dragons

Keith Harris: Pick: The New Day

Cain A. Knight: This will be the most exciting match on the card due to the stipulation and the skills of the men involved. The rules of parity booking mandate that Lucha Dragons have no chance at victory because they've won too many recent television matches. That leaves Usos and New Day. I'll stick with New Day because Xavier Woods essentially gives them an extra man advantage in a match like this with no disqualifications. Pick: New Day

Kyle Decker: This is the hardest to pick because I can see any of these three teams winning. A title change is definitely on the table since the New Day have become entertaining regardless of being champion. Plus, I don't think any of the other titles will be changing hands on this show so if there's a title change to be had, it would be here. Between the Lucha Dragons and Usos, I'm going to go with the Dragons because they're a bit fresher than the Usos as tag champs. Pick: Lucha Dragons

Chris Dawson: A triangle ladder match is something that we have not seen in a very long time, and it was a match that was perfected a very long time ago by The Hardy Boyz, Edge & Christian, and The Dudley Boyz. Can these three teams steal the show? Honestly, I'm not so sure. Although all three teams have good chemistry, their chemistry isn't legendary like that of The Hardyz, Dudleyz, and E&C. I honestly have no idea what to expect here, but I do expect The New Day's third man to play a pivotal role in them retaining the Tag Titles. I just hope that this multi-man tag match isn't as much of a disaster as the Tag Team Elimination Chamber match was...ugh. Pick: The New Day

Jason Martin: Another match that should be good, will be dangerous, and will be fun to watch and highly entertaining. I hope that if the New Day get to talk beforehand, it's kept fairly brief. Not sure why anyone would take the titles from the Champs at the current time, particularly as Vince is reportedly a big fan of them. The third man advantage proves to be the difference here after around 15 minutes. If Kalisto has a good night, he could come out of this one as a breakout star. It will require risks, however. Pick: New Day


Charlotte vs. Paige

Geno Mrosko: This feels a whole lot like a transitional feud. Pick: Charlotte

Sean Rueter: "That red head with the weird glasses...why hasn't she done anything catty yet? If she doesn't act unstable, no one will know she's a Diva!" Pick: Charlotte

Bill Hanstock: Charlotte goes full heel turn because there are no heroes and time is a flat circle and all is lost. All is lost. Look upon Charlotte's works, ye mighty, and despair. Pick: Charlotte

Keith Harris: Pick: Charlotte

Cain A. Knight: This division is a confusing mess. I could see this match ending with a disqualification or count out after Charlotte locks in her submission finisher on top of the commentary table without breaking the hold. That keeps Paige in the mix for the championship next month when Becky Lynch also gets her chance. But it seems like Paige gets plenty of title shots even after taking clean losses, so I guess it doesn't really matter how this one is booked for her. Pick: Charlotte

Kyle Decker: If Monday was any indication, WWE seems so ready to move past this feud that they've already started turning Charlotte heel despite going up against heel Paige this Sunday. Charlotte will maintain the title to continue her reign, but now as a more entertaining heel going against baby face opponents. Pick: Charlotte

Chris Dawson: This feud has been nothing short of an absolute mess. Paige has done an admirable job at carrying Charlotte through this feud, but she cannot even begin to carry the tasteless and disastrous story that surrounds it. Using Reid Flair's death as a way to garner support for Charlotte is one of the most despicable things I've seen in a LONG time. Now? I can't even figure out who the face is supposed to be. One thing is for sure: with Ric Flair in Charlotte's corner, I'm all but certain that she's gonna cheat to win this one. Pick: Charlotte

Jason Martin: Ric Flair at ringside and his daughter turning heel. The angle more appropriate for Becky Lynch than Paige, so this feels like a stopgap, before the Becky stopgap that gets us to Sasha and/or Bayley for Wrestlemania and SummerSlam. Match will be fine. They've worked fairly well together, but have been given too much time in the past. Keep this to around eight minutes, do the screw job at the end, and you've done your job here. Perhaps Becky comes out and has to take sides. It's all an eye roll right now, because it's so inconsistent. Pick: Charlotte


Alberto Del Rio vs. Jack Swagger

Geno Mrosko: Swagger is essentially the ground soldier sent into the teeth of the enemy's forces to be eaten alive before the heavy artillery, John Cena, comes in to clean up. Pick: Del Rio

Sean Rueter: I'm gonna think outside of the box here for a second, but I don't think it's THAT outlandish. Pick: John Cena

Bill Hanstock: A chairs match! The greatest and least contrived of all gimmick matches! I feel like this weird, weird storyline will be wrapped up with the reunion of Swagger and Colter, although Del Rio will retain his title. Swagger loses the battle, but wins the ... uh ... more racist war? Pick: Del Rio

Keith Harris: Pick: Alberto Del Rio

Cain A. Knight: I don't know how many more times WWE needs to be reminded that nobody gives a shit about Jack Swagger. But I guess it's at least one more time. Pick: Alberto Del Rio

Kyle Decker: Last month, I thought Reigns going over del Rio was the easiest pick I'd make in awhile. Then this match came along. Pick: Alberto del Rio

Chris Dawson: Admit it. From the start of this feud, you knew it was absolutely dead in the water. MexAmerica was an absolute joke of an idea, and NO ONE was buying it whatsoever. So.....what happens now that MexAmerica is dead? It doesn't matter. We already know the winner of this match because said winner is going to be facing a certain returning Superstar that absolutely has to get his win back. Pick: Alberto Del Rio

Jason Martin: Swagger has been excellent in the run-up to this match. Alberto has been stuck in a bad gimmick, though he's breaking out of it. They'll work hard here, it'll probably be number two or three on the card, and Swagger will get his share of false finishes. He won't win though, because he is nowhere near as valuable as ADR, who is still penciled in as Cena's opponent upon his return. Match will be far better than last year's dreadful chairs match. Pick: Alberto Del Rio


The Wyatt Family vs. The ECW Originals

Geno Mrosko: This is the real test of The Wyatt Family and where they actually stand in the pecking order. It's one thing to lose to a couple old men when those old men are the Brothers of Destruction. If they lose to a group of old men consisting of Bubba Ray Dudley, Devon Dudley, Rhyno, and Tommy Dreamer, there is just no hope for them to ever be anything resembling a heel team worth caring about. I mean, at some point they're going to need to start the big build up for Beef McStroganoff. Pick: Wyatt Family

Sean Rueter: Given the booking of Bray and fam since...oh...2013, I don't see why Dreamer and the other 40 year olds shouldn't plow right through them 4-to-zip. But the temptation to really establish the Hug of Death is probably too much to pass up, so I'll cut them some slack and predict that four guys who's peak was more than a decade ago will do the job they're payed to do...with Braun Strowman as the sole survivor, cause we can't have the Man-Beast looking too weak. Pick: The Wyatts

Bill Hanstock: The ECW Originals are here to put people over. They'll be good in that role and the Wyatt rehabilitation begins with a convincing win over a bunch of beloved maniacs. Pick: Wyatts

Keith Harris: Pick: The Wyatt Family

Cain A. Knight: There is no saving the Wyatt Family gimmick at this point without turning them babyface, so the ECW guys should win this match to really hammer that point home. Or maybe they'll just book Kane to come out and choke slam all 8 guys through a table so that everyone involved looks like garbage. I've never seen Tommy Dreamer get hugged through a table before, so I'm looking forward to seeing that spot. The visual of Braun Strowman taking a Dudley Death Drop through a table to end the match should also be pretty cool. Pick: Dudley Boyz, Dreamer, and Rhyno

Kyle Decker: The question isn't whether the Wyatt Family is going to win, but if they clean sweep or not. I figure it's either a clean sweep or Wyatt and Strowman are left standing. But either way, the Wyatts are going to go over so they can kind of build Bray back up before they feed him to someone else more important again. Pick: The Wyatt Family

Chris Dawson: I was going to do a longer write-up for this one, but I realized that doing one would be about as pointless as this match. In fact, I've wasted far too many words on this already. Both teams are going to get wins; just on different nights. Pick: The Wyatt Family

Jason Martin: The inclusion of the ECW legends adds a little to this match, but only for nostalgia. This will be a mess, but probably a fun mess. Limit Strowman, don't expose Dreamer all that much, and keep it around the 10-12 minute mark. There's no advantage to a win for the old guys, and it's a crushing defeat for the Wyatts. Keep it smart here, and I think they will, and have Bray pin Dreamer after a Sister Abigail, likely after Tommy had someone beaten with his DDT and the ref was out of position. Oh, it's elimination? Comes down to Bray and Strowman vs. Bubba and Dreamer, then Tommy takes the last pinfall. Pick: Wyatt Family


Ryback vs. Rusev

Geno Mrosko: I'm very confused by all of this. Pick: Ryback

Sean Rueter: I've got League of Nations winning their other two one-on-ones, and while I don't really think the big Bulgarian is being punished, I do think any plans for even a mid-card singles push are on indefinite hold. Pick: Ryback

Bill Hanstock: All things considered, RuRu vs. RyRy should be plenty good if they're given 10-12 minutes or so. I also feel that, given the creation of the League of Nations, it would be better served to have RuRu get the win here. But I admittedly don't know much. Pick: Rusev

Keith Harris: Pick: Ryback

Cain A. Knight: I think Rusev's booking in the short-term is going to suffer due to Lana's rumored nuclear heat behind the scenes. There are way too many heels winning at TLC, so this feels like a safe spot for a babyface to get a win. Do you remember the good old days when a win over Rusev might have actually meant something, and then all of those wins went to John Cena? It's going to be a while before Rusev has that kind of credibility again. Pick: Ryback

Kyle Decker: Man, it's tough to care about this one. The question is will Rusev take a punishment loss or continue to look rather strong despite the situation with Lana? I'm going to say Rusev will win... just 'cause. Pick: Rusev

Chris Dawson: There is nothing more classic than a match between a bullied face and the bully heel. It's something that has stood the test of time over the course of human history. As the heel gets more and more aggressive, we get more and more behind the down-and-out face. Therefore, I expect the bullied face to prevail over the bully heel. Pick: Rusev

Jason Martin: Who cares? Ryback simply isn't interesting to me, and Rusev may still be amidst punishment. I still say he wins, however, because for the League of Nations to take a loss to Ryback in a non-title affair would be pure nonsense. Match will be okay, nothing special, and hopefully is a one-off. We'll probably get a rematch on Monday. Keep this short. Accolade after Rusev hits his leaping kick following a Shellshock counter. Maybe involve Lana. Pick: Rusev


Those are our predictions, Cagesiders. What are yours?

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