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Sports Illustrated names WWE's Kevin Owens to their 'Social 100' for outstanding Twitter-ing

Kevin Owens on Twitter

WWE Intercontinental champion Kevin Owens is a great communicator. Taking the words of Steve Austin to heart, KO has kept running his mouth for years now - even when he has to use a keyboard and 140 characters or less to do so.

As many fans, fellow wrestlers and even a few celebrities have discovered, Owens is not someone you want to cross on Twitter. If you stay off his radar, however, you get to enjoy not only his takedowns of the poor souls who DO cross him, but also a glimpse into the family life that is the reason why he fights for a living - in and out of kayfabe.

For both of those reasons then, it's not too surprising that the Canadian Superstar is the only pro wrestler to make Sports Illustrated's fifth annual Social 100 list of the best follows in the world of sports:

Kevin Owens

Whether sarcastically responding to fan insults or posting family pics, Owens is as much a force on the keyboard as in the ring.

But of course, they're not telling us anything we here at Cageside Seats didn't already know. We're long-time followers of the Twitter king, such as when we've chronicled his...

Congrats, champ. Please don't block us.

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