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WWE SmackDown recap & reactions (Dec. 10, 2015): The Reigns Family

This week's episode of SmackDown, airing on the SyFy Network on December 10, 2015, comes from Jacksonville, Florida. This is the go home show for the WWE Tables, Ladders, and Chairs (TLC) pay-per-view (PPV) . For full results and the live blog, click here.


A League of Losers

Roman Reigns starts the show, being acompanied to the ring by his cousins, the Usos, and his best friend, Dean  Ambrose.  The challenger for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in a TLC match at TLC was set to face off against the United States Champion, Alberto Del Rio, who brought along his League of Nation pals, including the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Sheamus.  Del Rio gained the advantage early but Reigns was able to turn the tables quickly.  Del Rio cut Reigns off with a kick to the gut and grinded him down in a submission.

Reigns came back, of course, getting a two count after a suplex.  The action was very back and forth until Reigns and Del Rio found themselves outside of the ring.  LON provided a distraction for the US Champ to send  Reigns into the ring steps.  Del Rio firmly took control for a while but Reigns continued to fight back.  Even taking an arm bar over the top rope could not get the job done.  After being laid out with a Samoan Drop, Del Rio got up to his feet and began trading blows with Reigns, who got the better of the exchange.

Reigns started his comeback with the corner lariats then set up for the Superman Punch. Del Rio ducked and hit a back stabber  for a near fall.  Del Rio called for the rolling arm bar but Reigns countered it into a sit-out powerbomb for a near fall.  With another  distraction from Sheamus, Del Rio got a near fall from an enziguri.  LON pulls Del Rio out of the ring after Reigns lands the Superman Punch and then an all out brawl ensues until LON retreats from the ring.  Such a shame.  Match was pretty good.

Because of the brawl that ended the match, an eight man tag team main event was set between the League of Nations and Reigns, Ambrose, and the Usos.  Jimmy Uso started the match with Del Rio.  The Usos had control until Rusev was tagged in and started mauling Jey.  LON used quick tags and working outside of the ring to gain the advantage.  Jey was beaten down so much that Reigns could not take it anymore and stopped Sheamus from doing his Ten Beats thingy on the ropes.

Ambrose got the tag and brought the fight to Sheamus.  His momentum was cut off by King Barrett grabbing his leg.  Rusev got tagged in and beat down Ambrose.  So Rusev seems to be the "muscle" of the group.  LON began to work Ambrose over and we got Deansel-in-distress (shout out to ThingsAndStuff).  Ambrose was able to escape an enziguri from Del Rio while on the top rope and delivered a Tornado DDT.

Reigns got the hot tag.  He had all the momentum against Rusev until he was met with a knee to the gut.  Undeterred, Reigns hit Rusev with a huge lariat, followed by a Superman Punch.  The match broke down in typical fashion.  Ambrose and the Usos took out the rest of the LON while Reigns delivered a spear to Rusev for the victory.  Sheamus and his crew left defeated as Reigns, Ambrose, and the Usos celebrated in the ring.  All four men could become champions this Sunday . . . . or not.


With this contract, I pronounce thee Lunatic and Prize Fighter

Michael Cole was in the ring to host the contract signing for the Intercontinental Championship match at TLC this Sunday between Dean Ambrose and the champion, Kevin Owens.  Ambrose came to the ring for the signing.  KO sent his attorney, Matthew Who-Really-Cares.  Cole read from a letter from Owens' attorney stating that KO would not there as it is not a safe working environment and his attorney would sign the contract for him.

Ambrose was taken back by the "very adult situation".  He expected to insult KO, flip the table over, and beat up the champion.  When Ambrose went to sign the contract, he was attacked by KO, who got the better of Ambrose for a while but eventually ran off once Ambrose turned the tables.  KO looked on as Ambrose delivered a Dirty Deeds to the attorney before signing the contract.  KO found this to be bully behavior.  Regardless, the contract has been signed and the match is official for Sunday.


A Diva's Champion and a . . . Friend?

Becky Lynch faced off in a one-on-one match against the challenger for the Diva's Championship this Sunday, Paige.  Lynch, let us remember, is the not-so long suffering friend to the Diva's Champion, Charlotte, who was shown watching the match backstage early on, with her bestie in control.  Paige took over the match shortly after, beating Lynch down with kicks and punches.  Lynch fought out of a submission and attempted a comeback until Paige moved out of the way of a splash and Becky went face first into the turnbuckle.

As both ladies were lying on the mat, Charlotte came out to the ring, which immediately got Paige's attention.  In an attempt to show the Champ that she was not bothered by her presence, Paige went for the RamPaige.  Unfortunately, Lynch was abled to roll out of it and applied the Disarmer.  Paige tapped out, giving Lynch the victory.

So Charlotte isn't such a bad friend, I guess?


All the Rest

  • Dolph Ziggler versus Tyler Breeze: Oh, look, this sh*t again.  Seriously, can we move on from this already?  Van Ziggler won with a superkick.
  • Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston versus Lucha Dragons: The Power of Positivity could not help New Day win tonight, as Woods was pinned by Kalisto.
  • Ryback versus the Ascension: Ryback squashed the Jobbers from NXT while Rusev and Lana watched on.  After the match, there was a strange interaction between Rusev, Lana, and Ryback where the Big Guy went for the traditional stare down but Rusev used Lana as a shield of sorts then walked away.


Tonight's show revealed a new match for Sunday, Ryback versus Rusev, although I still do not quite get what their beef is.  Ryback just seems annoyed with the couple and they seem annoyed with him.  Breeze/Ziggler was okay but I still think Van Ziggler should have just lost to the millennial.  Another layer was added to the whole PCB (Remember when that was actually a thing?) break up.  And the on going saga of Reigns and his family against the League of Nations should be done since, you know, he continues to defeat them.  We shall see what happens in the main event at TLC.

Grade: C

That's all for this week, Cagesiders! What are your thoughts on the show? Let me know what you think in the comments.

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