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A 'Where is Axel' website exists

A couple weeks back, my partner in crime Sean Rueter brought word of Curtis Axel trying out a new Twitter gimmick where he used a hashtag, #WhereIsAxel, in an effort to, I don't know, get noticed by the powers that be in WWE? The company puts such an emphasis on social media, we've seen attempts like this before from the likes of Heath Slater, and it never seems to work out.

Still, Axel persists. Now, there's even a website you can visit at The front page looks like this:

Where is Axel

To "join the search," you simply enter your e-mail address and confirm your subscription to their list. For the moment, that's literally all this is. Considering he isn't being used in WWE, and hasn't been sent back down to NXT, it's at least something that he's finding some use for his time.

But will it matter? And is this just sad?

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