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Seth Rollins details knee injury, talks WWE return: 'I'll be back stronger and better than I was before'

When video got out of Seth Rollins attempting a sunset flip powerbomb on Kane during a match in Dublin, Ireland, fans worried he may have injured his knee when he landed on it wrong and it collapsed inward. The very next day, those fears were realized when it was confirmed he tore multiple ligaments and would need surgery that will keep him out for anywhere between 6-to-9 months.

In a new interview with, he detailed exactly how it happened:

"I was setting up to do something I've done a million times — flipping over my opponent while he was standing on the second [rope]. I landed underneath him and then picked him up for a Powerbomb. And for whatever reason, I just landed on the inside of my right foot, instead of flat with my feet and my knee gave. If you've seen the video, you know it looks pretty graphic. It didn't feel as graphic though. It just felt like my knee dislocated and then kind of popped back in. So, I hustled back up and got underneath, made sure my feet were steady and delivered the Powerbomb. Then, I did a self-evaluation real quick to see what was going on. I realized my knee was pretty unstable and noticed that it felt like it was flopping around. I didn't feel like I had a lot of control under it. I was able to move around enough to finish the match, hit a Pedigree and get the win. Afterwards, I just laid there and [tried to] figure out what was going on. Again, I wasn't in a whole bunch of pain, I just felt like my knee wasn't right. I wasn't really sure of the extent of the damage until the next morning when I got the MRI."

Of note, he says he's not in pain but that can be problematic in its own right because it gives a false sense of well being. The good news is he's already getting a physical therapist sorted out, has a consultation scheduled for next Monday in Alabama, and the surgery will come shortly thereafter.

Check out the full interview here.

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