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NXT women's champion Bayley in no rush to get called up to the WWE main roster

Bayley is the unquestioned leader of the NXT women's division, what with her being champion and all. As she tells our friends at Digital Spy, she's in no hurry to get called up to the WWE main roster but the title does indicate the clear possibility of it happening:

"I don't know if the women's title here is the key to the main roster, but I'm willing to be here as long as I possibly can and keep learning and keep getting better and just prepare more for when I do get the call for the main roster. I'm not in any rush or anything, but it seems like if I hold this title that I could possibly be up there one day. There are already two former NXT Women's Champions [Paige and Charlotte] who are Divas Champions up there now, so we'll see."

That said, the landscape of the Divas division is entirely different than that of NXT. Bayley straight out admits she would think of it as all but starting over:

"I just try to think - if I were to get called up tomorrow, I would literally see it as how we were a year-and-a-half ago in NXT, or two years ago. If we had to start all over again and build that trust with the office and the fans wanting to see us. If we had to build our stories all over again, I'm willing to do that to make it. If we could make WWE what NXT is now, as far as the women's division goes, it's worth it. I know those girls, everybody up there is willing to fight for every opportunity. If we have to start from the bottom again and slowly build it and build it, I think one day it's possible that we can have another 30-minute Iron Woman match. Anything's possible with the women here."

She's got a great attitude but what does this say about the so-called Divas Revolution? They pushed it for a time, sure, but they never came anywhere close to what they've accomplished down in NXT, to the point the champion of the developmental promotion would see a call up as a gigantic step back.

If anything, shouldn't it be the other way around?