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WWE Network Roundup (Nov. 22-28): Survivor Series, NWA World Championship Wrestling

Now that you've survived a pair of comas from the past week (Survivor Series and Thanksgiving in the States), we can get to what is new on the Network. And while we lamented about the big show from last week, the Network quietly made a HUGE addition.

The Big Stuff

  • Survivor Series: it happened and we allowed it to happen. I don't recommend you watching it again (or for the first time), but if you are a completionist or a masochist, hit this link right here. And this link here for the preshow, which featured the return of Goldust. But no Gobbledy Gooker. Thanks, Renee.

The Usual Stuff

  • The October 22 Smackdown, "Hell Is Where The Heart Is", is notable for one reason: the main roster debut of Tyler Breeze. Whether he has the same fate as other recent NXT callups not named Kevin Owens remains to be seen.
  • Wait... a good episode of RAWThe October 26 episode, "Hell in the Rearview", has La Familia Wyatt cordwooding Kane, a killer Kevin Owens-Cesaro match, a one-night tournament to determine Seth Rollins' challenger to the WWE Championship (a tournament that would ultimately not matter, but that's for another day), and Becky Lynch and Charlotte making a run at Sting's "stupidest wrestler ever" crown. And the return of Alberto Del Rio. Look, it can't be all winners, okay?
  • An almost-new Main Event features Adam Rose taking on Jack Swagger, Bo Dallas versus Damien Sandow, and Sasha Banks versus Becky Lynch.
  • Adam Rose takes on R-Truth, and party like it's 2012 as The Miz takes on Zack Ryder on a new Superstars.
  • Just a heads up about the new NXT: Bayley versus Eva Marie for the women's title might be sports-entertainment good, but you probably will be driven to a rage.

Original Stuff

  • A new episode of Breaking Ground, "Tag Team Turmoil" (playa) focuses on two tag teams on the rise in NXT and ZZ struggling.
  • A new round of The WWE List looks at OMG moments in wrestling history.
  • The body's not even cold yet, but the E! "reality" series Total Divas (you know, the emotional bra and panties match hour) has just finished its fourth season. If you're still into the show—and I know a lot of you are—the whole season can be viewed on demand here.
  • Renee Young gives the Unfiltered treatment to The Miz on a new episode.

From The Vault

  • Need something to binge on? Here's a suggestion. The precursor to WCW Saturday Night, NWA World Championship Wrestling is now available for viewing, with over 60 episodes spanning parts of 1985, 1986, and 1987. Just click this link here, or navigate to the Vault section, then NWA World Championship Wrestling. See the height of the Horsemen's power, The Road Warriors, Dusty Rhodes, and MANY INTERVIEWS FROM NEWS DESKS! And maybe some wrestling.