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Roman Reigns is doing his best John Cena impression after Survivor Series

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After Roman Reigns lost the WWE world heavyweight championship to Sheamus just minutes after winning it last night at the Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia, he cried. That was the lasting image from Survivor Series, the battered and beaten big dog breaking down in tears in the middle of the ring just moments after his greatest triumph had become his greatest tragedy.

How is he responding to it not even a full day later?

By doing his best JOHN CENA (doo duh doo doooooo):

He isn't John Cena, of course, because John Cena made an entire career out of being the guy who won the big matches without immediately losing his title on a lame Money in the Bank cash-in. In fact, he once beat a guy who tried to cash said contract in on him with one functioning arm.

But I digress.

It appears the image of Reigns' heartbreak will be replaced by that of an unshakable optimism as quickly as possible. He will never give up, that Roman Reigns. He'll hustle, he'll show loyalty, and he's always respectful, that guy. And, no, he will not embrace the hate, thank you very much.

He just won't, you know, win.