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WWE Survivor Series 2015: Roman Reigns vs. Alberto Del Rio full match preview

Who wants it more?

The Match up:

The United States Champion, Alberto Del Rio, and Roman Reigns will face off in the semi final round of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship tournament this Sunday at Survivor Series this Sunday, November 22, 2015, being held in the Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia.  Will the founder of MexAmerica advance to the final round or will the Big Dog overcome?

The Road to Survivor Series:

Last month at the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view, Alberto Del Rio made his surprise return to the WWE a year after being future endeavored to beat the Face that Runs the Place, John Cena, for the United States Championship.  On the same show, Roman Reigns finally washed the stench of the Wyatt Family off of him as he defeated Bray Wyatt in a Hell in a Cell match.  The following night, all the winners from the show were put in a tournament, which lead to a Fatal 4-Way between Kevin Owens, Dolph Ziggler, Del Rio, and Reigns, to determine a number one contender for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Reigns won the match, pitting him against the then champion, Seth Rollins, for the title.  The match was set for Survivor Series. Unfortunately, Rollins suffered a knee injury while wrestling overseas on the WWE's European tour and the title had to be vacated.  A sixteen man tournament was set the following week to decide a new champion.  Del Rio has earned victories against Stardust and Kalisto to make it to the semi finals.  Reigns defeated the Big Show and Cesaro for his spot.

The interesting part about this match is that it did not have to happen.  Before the tournament began, HHH rightly pointed out that Reigns had earned his spot for the championship already.  He promised Reigns would not have to compete in the tournament and, instead of the tournament deciding who the champion would be, the tournament winner would face Reigns to decide the champion.  But, as always, there was a catch.  HHH wanted Reigns to join the Authority and be "his man".  Reigns immediately refused the offer and opted to fight his way through and earn his way to the title "the right way".

Meanwhile, Del Rio has aligned himself with former rival, Zeb Colter.  The two have formed a brand new nation called MexAmerica, which seeks to unify Mexico and America and celebrate their countries as one.  MexAmerica is staunchly against those they consider haters and . . . . . . . Oh, I am sorry.  I must have dozed off mid sentence.

The Stakes:

The WWE World Heavyweight Championship is the top prize in the WWE and a win here advances the winner to the final round to face either Dean Ambrose or Kevin Owens.  The added stakes here would be if Reigns were to advance and find himself facing his self professed brother in Ambrose.  Will the besties really do what it takes to beat the other?  HHH has been running around trying to find a new surrogate son since Reigns turned him down.  Will Ambrose or Reigns turn on the other to join the Authority?  Will KO become the Authority's personal prize fighter?  Will MexAmerica add the Authority as citizens?

As the leader of the Roman Empire on Cageside Seats, I cannot remain anywhere near objective in this match.  I hope Reigns starts the match with a Superman Punch, followed by the wickedest Spear known to man, and pins Del Rio clean as a sheet less than one minute into this affair.  Believe that!

Who do you think will survive to the final round?

WWE Survivor Series will take place Sunday, November 22, 2015, airing on the WWE Network at 7 pm central time.  Join us here at Cageside Seats in the live blog.