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Jim Ross hits the nail on the head regarding the Reid Flair comments in the Charlotte/Paige segment on WWE Raw

Monday's Raw closing segment, a contract signing between Paige and Divas champ Charlotte, will likely always have a place in wrestling lore.

The use of Charlotte's brother, Reid, and his death from an overdose has divided fans into camps of those who think it was disrepectful and tasteless and those who want WWE to push into more edgy, personal territory.

Hall of Famer Jim Ross has, for me, the definitive words on the subject. For one thing, there's little point in trying to smooth over the disagreements between the audience on this topic. From his Tuesday blog on the topic:

Should the line about Reid have been used? Did WWE cross the line as many vocal dissenters apparently feel? Is reality based content fair game in the world of WWE and pro wresting in general?

It is a subjective question to say the least and most fans seemingly are going to detest it or be non plussed about it. There likely won't be much middle ground.

And there hasn't been. People are dug in, as we often are in this day and age. And statements from Reid and Charlotte's parents that they weren't asked about using their son's death in story, and a comment from WWE that intimates that the champ approved the angle, have only entrenched everyone further.

Given that, there's an area of common ground that JR addresses, one that should always be the bottom line in the pro wrestling business. From a Wednesday Q & A with fans on his website:

At this point I don't know who approved, who was in the know or not but I do know that more fans are talking more about Reid Flair than Charlotte vs. Paige which is not good.

Regardless of where you stand on the ethics of using Reid Flair or any personal tragedy in kayfabe, are you more excited for Charlotte and Paige's Survivor Series match now than you were a week ago?

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