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Alberto Del Rio update: Vince McMahon won't let him lose in AAA

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In unsurprising news, Vince McMahon won't let Alberto Del Rio do the time honoured tradition of showing the proper respect to the organization that made him their World champion, AAA, by directly losing a final match for the Mexican promotion. However, AAA still wants that date.

Alberto Del Rio: showing his true American colours?
Alberto Del Rio: showing his true American colours?

One week on from his WWE return, Alberto Del Rio continues to be the hottest topic of insider gossip between his decision to prioritise WWE dates over his prior AAA commitments and the conflicting reports over the size of his new WWE contract.

Unsurprisingly, Alberto also decided to pull out of his scheduled AAA house show date in Monterrey today, despite there being no WWE conflict to prevent him from wrestling as planned. According to lucha reporter Kris Zellner, this led to the cancellation of the event late yesterday evening, due to not having enough time to find a replacement headliner and amend the line-up:

"AAA & Promociones Kdena announced about 6:30 PM EST that tomorrow's show that was scheduled for Arena Jose Suliaman has been postponed to a later date mainly because they haven't changed the card due to Alberto del Rio going back to WWE. The promotion was pretty headstrong about Alberto working the show this week even after going back to WWE even advertising him as the WWE United States Champion but of course with the events during the week with Alberto working all future WWE dates, a return to Mexico was pretty much squashed."

You may think that AAA would start to be getting a little cheesed off with Alberto's behaviour, given that he still holds the AAA Mega Championship, but according to Dave Meltzer on his latest Wrestling Observer Radio show that isn't the case so far. Indeed, Alberto is still well liked by the company brass, because he's at least friendly to their faces and gave them some notice (believed to be 12-24 hours!) that he was leaving.

In fact, AAA management is still holding out hope that Alberto will make one last appearance for the company on a day that he isn't already booked by WWE, with one idea being that he could headline their last major show of the year, Guerra de Titanes, on December 5th in Pachuca. It should be noted that there are WWE house shows in Augusta, GA, and Fayetteville, NC, on that date, but currently Alberto Del Rio is not advertised for either event.

One additional problem is that even if Vince McMahon grants Alberto permission to wrestle one more match for AAA, which seems highly unlikely at this point, "he won't let him lose" according to Meltzer. That would mean AAA would have to book some type of multiple person match to get their world title off Alberto without him being pinned or submitted, which somewhat defeats the purpose of bringing him in.

On a final note, Meltzer's three sources behind the since retracted report that WWE gave Alberto Del Rio a $1.45 million per year contract to return to the company were doubling down on their story. Apparently, one of those anonymous contacts was so adamant that it was true that he told Meltzer that WWE "was full of it" when they claimed Alberto was being guaranteed only about a third of that amount and that "it was ridiculous if you believe what they said", because his deal with Lucha Underground, on its own, was for more guaranteed money than that. This source went on to argue that of course WWE would call Meltzer about his report and rebut it, because it caused a stir internally (which apparently it did do).

That should, of course, be chalked up as probably false hearsay, given that Del Rio has hardly shown himself to be a man of his word over the past few months, given the number of promotions he strung along whilst secretly negotiating with WWE. It also discounts the possibility that Alberto was willing to take less money guaranteed, in return for promises about his presentation and push. He did beat John Cena for the WWE United States Championship on his first night back, after all!