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Video: Kevin Owens can't be bothered to sit up for post-match interview at Hell in a Cell

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Kevin Owens is great for a number of reasons but let's just list off why he's so great in this interview following his win over Ryback at last night's Hell in a Cell pay-per-view in Los Angeles, California:

  1. As noted, he can't be bothered to sit up for the interview with Rich Brennan.
  2. He gets freaked out by the GONG hitting and makes note that "it's the Undertaker, dude."
  3. He asks Rich what he thinks before quickly informing him he doesn't actually care what Rich thinks.
  4. He calls Rich "Milhouse"
  5. He demands Rich give the microphone to Renee Young because "I just can't stand him."
  6. He then bails on Renee Young because "I want to see the Hell in a Cell. Stop bothering me."

Kevin Owens is a treasure.