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Hell in a Cell 2015 results, live stream play-by-play updates: Brock Lesnar vs. Undertaker

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WWE Hell in a Cell is all set to pop off tonight (Sun., Oct. 25, 2015) from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California at 7:00 p.m. ET, live on the WWE Network. You may also be able to watch this on pay-per-view (PPV) if your cable provider is carrying the event. will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, match-by-match coverage of Hell in a Cell below, beginning with the first match of the evening and right on through to the main event.

Kick your off your shoes, relax, and enjoy all the action with your favorite pro wrestling website. And remember to keep refreshing! (Reminder: GIFs, pics, and links to illegal streams are not allowed in this thread. Offenders will be banned.)



Brock Lesnar def. Undertaker
Seth Rollins def. Kane; retains WWE World Heavyweight Championship
Alberto Del Rio def John Cena; wins United States Championship
Charlotte def. Nikki Bella, retains Divas Championship
Roman Reigns def. Bray Wyatt
The New Day def. The Dudley Boyz, retain Tag Team Championship
Kevin Owens def. Ryback; retains Intercontinental Championship
Neville & Dolph Ziggler & Cesaro def. King Barrett & Rusev & Sheamus



BaconStrips here. Let's go to Hell...


Preshow Highlights

  • As usual, our preshow consists of Renee Young, Corey Graves, Booker T, and Byron Saxton.
  • A fair warning: my stream is being very temperamental at the moment, so we're just gonna have to see how this bodes tonight.
  • Jojo interviews John Cena about the US Title Open Challenge. Cena says that the challenge is gonna kick the show off tonight. He quotes Gary Cole with the "if you ain't first, you're last" quip.
  • The panel discusses possible challengers for Cena's title. Graves suggests Baron Corbin, Saxton suggests Cesaro, and Booker discusses "someone different"...hint hint.
  • Before the show, Kevin Owens cuts a promo calling sports "stupid" and "for the simple-minded." However, even though Owens doesn't follow sports, he still knows that that Lakers suck. Owens points out the statue of Magic Johnson, calling him an illusion just like Ryback. Owens vows to defeat Ryback by using his mind, turning Hell in a Cell into the Kevin Owens Show.
  • Nikki Bella vs Charlotte now has a stipulation: no one can be at ringside.
  • "Don't touch me, I'm campaigning" - Corey Graves while campaigning for the Director of Operations opening.
  • Tom Phillips interviews The Dudley Boyz in the social media lounge. The Dudleys don't feel bad for putting Xavier Woods through a table, and that's really about it in terms of notable moments aside from them vowing to win the tag titles for the tenth time.


Cesaro, Neville, and Dolph Ziggler vs King Barrett, Sheamus, and Rusev (Team Eurotrash)

  • The Stardust Section is in full force as Stardust and The Ascension chill in the crowd.
  • Sheamus and Neville start with some quick back-and-forth that ends with Neville hitting an enziguiri and tagging Cesaro. Neville does a Red Arrow off of Cesaro's back, netting Cesaro a two count.
  • Neville is tagged again just in time to get whipped hard into the corner. Barrett gets tagged in and goes to work. Eurotrash exchanges tags as they work over Neville. Sheamus goes for a suplex, but Neville escapes and tags Ziggler in, who immediately goes to work on Sheamus. After a flurry of offense, Ziggler hits a Famouser for two.
  • As Barrett distracts the referee, Rusev hits Ziggler with DAT KICK, which nets Sheamus a two count after he drags himself into the cover before a break.
  • Back from break and Barrett has Ziggler in a chinlock. The chinlock is briefly broken, but Barrett keeps the pressure on with more chinlocks and the tried-and-true "huge corner punt to the stomach." Tags are exchanged as Eurotrash works on Ziggler more.
  • Rusev toys with Ziggler by having him go for a tag. Rusev manhandles him before delivering a big kick to the back for two. Sheamus is tagged in again and locks a chinlock in after a Crash Landing. Ziggler fights out and hits a DDT, leaving both men down.
  • As Ziggler fights to his corner, Rusev is tagged in and stops Ziggler, forcing him into the corner. Rusev goes for an avalanche, but Ziggler moves, causing Rusev to launch into the ring post.
  • Cesaro and Barrett are tagged in, and Cesaro has the hot tag, hitting uppercut after uppercut. A big boot grounds Barrett briefly. Cesaro whips Barrett, but Barrett reverses. Cesaro flips onto the apron, and the insanity starts. Cesaro does a senton onto Sheamus, runs over to uppercut Rusev, high-fives a bunch of fans, and uppercuts Sheamus (all within thirty seconds).
  • Cesaro reenters the ring and sets Neville up for a moonsault onto Sheamus and Rusev on the outside. Unbeknownst to Cesaro, Barrett has a Bullhammer ready. Cesaro dodges the Bullhammer, allowing Ziggler to superkick Barrett. Cesaro follows with a monster swing (over 20 rotations I think), and Neville hits the Red Arrow to win.

Dolph Ziggler, Cesaro, and Neville def Team Eurotrash

That was fun.


WWE Signature and a video package for Hell in a Cell


John Cena vs Alberto Del Rio (United States Championship)

  • Cena just gets down to business and issues the challenge. The challenger:.....wait a minute. Zeb Coulter comes out on a scooter and addresses Cena's polarizing status. However, Coulter says that it's time for different countries to be represented. Coulter vows that the challenger will do more with the title than Cena did. The challenger: ALBERTO DEL RIO?!?!?!?
  • Del Rio and Cena tie up as a "welcome back" chant starts. Cena throws Del Rio down, causing separation. They tie up again, and they break. Del Rio delivers a swift kick to Cena's leg, sending him outside. Cena slowly hobbles back inside, and Del Rio aims at the leg. Cena gets Del Rio in the corner and starts throwing bombs.
  • Cena whips Del Rio across the ring and follows, but Del Rio dodges and hits an arm drag followed by an armbar. Del Rio gets Cena on the rope and goes for a dropkick, but Cena dodges, sending Del Rio crashing outside. Cena gets Del Rio inside and eats a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for his trouble. This nets a two count.
  • Del Rio is in control now as he lands a top-rope axe handle for two. A chinlock is locked in for a bit. Both men get to their feet and Del Rio goes for a suplex. Cena reverses and hits a fisherman's suplex. Cena then goes to the top rope, but is taken down with an enziguiri for two. Del Rio goes up top and hits a flying clothesline or something for two.
  • Del Rio calls for the cross-armbreaker, but Cena gets up and runs Del Rio over with a clothesline. The two get up and exchange strikes before Cena does his usual rally moves. He goes for an AA ,but Del Rio gets out and hits a backstabber followed by a huge superkick TO GET DEL RIO THE CLEAN WIN!!!

Alberto Del Rio def John Cena; wins the United States Championship


Backstage, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon talk about what just happened when Seth Rollins enters to put himself over. Steph tells him to get to business, and Rollins shares his concern about Kane being both Director of Operations AND world champion. At this moment, Corporate Kane enters and says that he's ready to work. Rollins tells Kane to cut the crap, leading to an exchange before Trips stops it, saying that Kane's presence isn't needed.

Kane wishes Rollins luck, saying that he's gonna need it.


Roman Reigns vs Bray Wyatt (Hell in a Cell)

  • Wyatt comes out with some kind of mask over his face instead of the horns he's been donning. Nonetheless, it's awesome.
  • Wyatt runs at Reigns with a punch, but Reigns dodges and lands a kick followed by a punch. Reigns gets Wyatt to the corner and starts throwing strikes and knees. After a few moments, Wyatt starts throwing some strikes and whips Reigns. Reigns responds with a flying clothesline and a couple suplexes. Reigns goes for a third, but Wyatt fights out, but cannot evade a huge punch.
  • Wyatt is hung up on the ropes, causing Reigns to go for the dropkick. Wyatt dodges and goes for a clothesline. This misses and Reigns hits a right hand, causing Wyatt to rest on the apron. Reigns hits the dropkick, sending Wyat reeling into the cage. Reigns then throws Wyatt into the walls a few times.
  • A little after, Wyatt has Reigns stuck in the ropes and goes for a suplex, but Reigns fights out with a suplex. Reigns tries to follow up, but Wyatt hits Reigns with a kendo stick, sending him back. Wyatt enters and hits Reigns with the stick a few more times. They go outside where Wyatt jams the stick into Reigns' hand before tossing him into the wall.
  • Wyatt goes under the ring again to get a chair. Wyatt teases hitting Reigns with it, but instead sets it up, sits down, and starts hitting Reigns with the stick as he taunts him.
  • Shorty after, Wyatt puts the chair into the cage wall as well as the kendo stick. Reigns and Wyatt trade punches until Wyatt slams Reigns onto the kendo stick, breaking it in half. Reigns gets to his feet and, after trading blows, shoves Wyatt into that chair hard. He follows by throwing Wyatt into the cell again.
  • Reigns grabs two kendo sticks, causing Wyatt to back away until he feels the wrath of two kendo sticks. Wyatt is knocked down, and Reigns goes for more toys in the form of not one, but two tables. Reigns sets one up outside, and Wyatt slides the second one outside the ring. Reigns doesn't like this much, so he hits a drive-by on him.
  • Reigns sets the second table up outside and almost eats a shoulder tackle. Reigns responds with a few kicks and sets up for a suplex through the table. Wyatt fights out and delivers the Black Hole Slam through the table.
  • Reigns is forced back inside and eats a senton for two. Wyatt sends Reigns outside and delivers an avalanche into the cell wall. Wyatt sets Reigns up against the ring post as a dueling "let's go Roman/Roman sucks" chant rings through the Staples Center. Reigns' head meets the ring post via Wyatt assistance, and Wyatt follows by getting a third table.
  • Wyatt grounds Reigns in the corner and sets up that third table in front of Reigns. Wyatt gets Reigns onto the top rope and sets up for a superplex. Wyatt goes for it, but Reigns blocks the attempt, causing a scuffle on top. Reigns slides to the ground and powerbombs Wyatt through the table, getting a two count.
  • Reigns and Wyatt nap for a moment, then make it to their feet. Reigns delivers his corner clotheslines and goes for a running clothesline, but Wyatt catches him into a Sister Abigail attempt. Reigns reverses into a school-boy for two, and follows quickly with a Superman Punch for two.
  • Reigns gets Wyatt up, but Wyatt rolls to the apron with the table below it. The two do battle on the apron until REIGNS SPEARS WYATT OFF OF THE APRON THROUGH THE TABLE!!!
  • The two men cuddle as a "this is awesome" chant rings through the arena. Reigns eventually staggers up and gets Wyatt into the ring for a pin. Wyatt BARELY gets his shoulder up for a two count.
  • Reigns staggers to the corner and lines up for a spear. Reigns charges, gets kicked, and is caught into Sister Abigail from Wyatt. Reigns barely kicks out at two, causing Wyatt to laugh. He gets up and sets two kendo sticks in the corner. Wyatt gets Reigns up and sets him up for something nasty. Reigns escapes, grabs one of the sticks, and hits Wyatt a few times.
  • After the hits, Reigns shoves Wyatt throat-first into the remaining stick. Following this, Reigns calls for and lands a spear to win.

Roman Reigns def Bray Wyatt


The New Day vs The Dudley Boyz (Tag Team Championship)

  • Before the match, Big E and Kofi Kingston come out sans Xavier Woods. Kofi thanks the WWE Universe for their support of Xavier Woods, who would have played a song of gratitude if he were here. Kofi has everyone put their horn on their unicorn head to honor their fallen comrade. After a diss of the Lakers, Kofi promises to play the bongos on D-Von Dudley's head, and Big E is gonna play the bass drum on Bubba Ray's belly (Caucasian Kamala is used).
  • D-Von and Kofi start by trading blows until Kofi is laid out with a spinning elbow and a flapback. After a headbutt, Bubba Ray is tagged in and a double elbow drop is dropped on Kofi. Kofi tries to get something going by climbing the turnbuckle, but Bubba Ray throws him off, causing Kofi to roll outside to regroup.
  • Kofi reenters and gets whipped to the Dudley corner. D-Von is tagged in and a botched leg drop/sidewalk slam combo follows. Big E is tagged in and starts working D-Von over after running him over.
  • After a while, Kofi and Big E go for WASSUP, but D-Von escapes and hot-tags Bubba Ray. After hitting Big E with a Bionic Elbow, WASSUP is dropped. As Bubba yells for D-Von to get the tables, Kofi knocks D-Von and Bubba down. Kofi takes advantage of the moment and grabs the trombone. Instead of hitting Bubba with it, Kofi passes it to Bubba and falls down in an Eddie Guerrero-esque moment.
  • The ref puts the pieces together and teases disqualifying The Dudleys, but decides against it. Meanwhile, Bubba breaks the trombone in half to the chagrin of Kofi. They then hit an inverted 3D and set up for the real thing. As the ref's back is turned, Big E hits Bubba with part of the trombone. D-Von clotheslines Big E outside. During this, Bubba Ray gets up and eats Trouble in Paradise.

The New Day def The Dudley Boyz; retain Tag Team Championship


Nikki Bella vs Charlotte (Divas Championship)

  • Remember, the new stipulation is that no one can be at ringside, so there will be absolutely no interference here.
  • The two women tie up and break at the ropes. Another quick tie up, and a break happens at the corner. Nikki hits a cheap strike and tries to run Charlotte into the corner, but Charlotte reverses and slams Nikki's head into the corner instead.
  • Charlotte whips Nikki into the corner and goes for mounted punches. Nikki carries Charlotte out for a powerbomb, but Charlotte reverses into a frankensteiner. Nikki quickly gets up and hits the Bellahammer, sending Charlotte outside.
  • Outside, Charlotte is hurled into the crowd. She quickly gets up and forearms Nikki. Nikki recovers, gets onto the barricade, and stomps Charlotte. Nikki then shoves Charlotte back-first into the apron.
  • Back inside, Nikki gets a chinlock locked in briefly. It's broken, and Nikki goes for a slingshot suplex off of the ropes that Charlotte flips out of. Charlotte lands a chop, but Nikki takes control yet again and locks a deep half-crab (admittedly the match moved very quickly, so I couldn't keep up for a moment).
  • After the crab is broken, Nikki slingshots Charlotte into the ropes, sending Charlotte falling onto Nikki's waiting knees for a two count. Nikki whips Charlotte to the corner, but Charlotte flips out and bits a big boot for two.
  • Charlotte tries for a suplex, but her back has taken a good deal of punishment, so it gives out. She is forced to the corner where she gets some knees to the back. Nikki follows with a good spinebuster for two.
  • The two get face-to-face and, after some taunting, trade chops. Charlotte gets the upper-hand and gets Nikki to the corner. After more chops, Nikki gets separation and goes for her second-rope enziguiri, but Charlotte dodges, causing her to land hard on her knee. Charlotte follows with a neckbreaker for two.
  • Charlotte climbs the turnbuckle to go for a moonsault, but Nikki follows and gets Charlotte into a German suplex grip. Nikki goes for the suplex, but Charlotte flips out, causing Nikki to land hard. This gets a two count.
  • Charlotte follows with a spear and goes for the Figure Eight, but Charlotte's back won't allow the bridge. Nikki reverses the pressure and reaches the ropes. They go outside where Charlotte is Alabama-Slammed ONTO THE RING APRON!!!
  • Nikki gets back in and goes for the Rack Attack, but Charlotte rolls out of it and locks in the Figure Eight to win.

Charlotte def Nikki Bella; retains Divas Championship

Afterward, Paige and Becky Lynch come out to celebrate.


Backstage, Dean Ambrose congratulates Roman Reigns on his win tonight. Ambrose says that they're gonna celebrate tonight.


Seth Rollins vs Kane (WWE World Heavyweight Championship)

  • The bell rings, and Rollins taunts Kane for his dual personalities before shoving him. Kane swings, and Rollins dodges and hits a strike of his own. Kane is whipped and reverses with a big running DDT. Kane hits a running dropkick and eventually sends Rollins outside and into the announce table. Kane clears off the Spanish table as Rollins scurries back into the ring.
  • Rollins goes for a suicide dive, but Kane catches him and lands an uppercut.
  • Kane is in control here as he manhandles Rollins with strikes and slams. This stops when Kane climbs the turnbuckle for his flying clothesline. Rollins lands a rope-assised stunner, sending Kane onto the floor. Rollins soon follows with a hilo over the ropes.
  • Rollins is in control as he throws strikes onto Kane's face and soon follows with a Sling Blade for a one count. After a chinlock sequence, Rollins starts kicking Kane in the chest before working the face some more. Rollins goes to follow with his flying knee, but is met by a punch from Kane. Kane follows with a running corner boot that Rollins dodges. Rollins follows with a splash to the leg.
  • Rollins goes for another corner splash, but Kane drops him with a right hand. Kane goes for an avalanche, but Rollins knocks him face-first into the buckle. Kane follows with a superplex after crotching Rollins. Kane starts to rally back, hitting a boot for two. He tries for his flying clothesline again, but Rollins catches him for a superplex. Kane fights him off and hits the clothesline.
  • Kane calls for the chokeslam, but is caught with an enziguiri. Rollins goes for the Pedigree, but Kane escapes and does hit the chokeslam for a very close two. Kane calls and goes for the Tombstone, but Rollins escapes and rolls outside. Kane follows and slams Rollins into the announce table. Kane then clears the table and starts to abuse Rollins.
  • Kane gets Rollins onto the announce table for a chokeslam. Rollins slips out and powerbombs Kane onto the Spanish table (which does not break).
  • Kane makes it back into the ring at 9. Rollins goes for the Pedigree, but Kane flips him out of it. Rollins lands on the apron and lands a kick. He follows with a series of flying knees and kicks, eventually sending Kane down. Rollins hits a huge frog splash for a very close two count.
  • Rollins starts to think about his next move when Kane grabs his throat. Rollins escapes and hits the Pedigree to win.

Seth Rollins def Kane; retains WWE World Heavyweight Championship


The preshow panel talks about tonight's happenings


Ryback vs Kevin Owens (Intercontinental Championship)

  • Owens immediately rolls outside and is followed by Ryback. The two brawl in and out of the ring to start until Owens is grounded by a clothesline. Owens is then forced to the corner to eat some shoulder thrusts and is dropped on his back.
  • Owens goes for a suplex, but Ryback reverses into a delayed suplex of his own. Ryback goes for a shoulder tackle and connects with the ring post. Owens works the shoulder a bit, but Ryback keeps fighting, eventually sending Owens outside.
  • Ryback brings Owens back inside and forces him to the corner. Ryback lands some mounted punches until Owens sends him into the corner and delivers some clotheslines. Owens lands a big clothesline to the back of Ryback's head and follows with a senton for two.
  • Ryback rolls to the corner, allowing Owens to go for the cannonball. Ryback gets up and lands a spinebuster. He lines up for the Meat Hook, but Owens tries for a superkick. Ryback catches Owens' leg and lands a powerbomb for two.
  • Ryback starts to climb the turnbuckle, but Owens catches him and sends him crashing to the ground. The ref counts and gets to a nine count. Ryback gets in and is dropped onto the rope. Owens goes for the pop-up powerbomb, but Ryback hits the Meat Hook from a rebound. He goes for Shell Shock, but Owens holds on to the rope.
  • Ryback tries to get Owens back inside, but Owens fights, hitting Ryback with a few kicks before rolling back inside and landing the pop-up powerbomb to win.

Kevin Owens def Ryback; retains Intercontinental Championship


Brock Lesnar vs Undertaker (Hell in a Cell)

  • The meat loaf saga reaches it's brutal conclusion.
  • Taker walks into the cell and slams the door behind him. It's real now as Lesnar and Taker lock eyes. Taker does his Rest in Peace taunt as the two separate.
  • The two face off as Lesnar uses his speed. Lesnar goes for a German, but Taker stops him with some strikes. Lesnar responds with some knees and shoulder thrusts of his own. Taker whips Lesnar across the ring and throws strikes of his own. Taker tries to whip Lesnar, but Lesnar hits a knee to the gut.
  • Lesnar goes for a suplex, but Taker powers him out of the ring. Taker follows and throws more punches as Lesnar is against the cell. Taker whips Lesnar, but Lesnar reverses and throws Taker into the cell. He goes for the F5, but Taker elbows out and throws Lesnar into the ring post. Lesnar is now bleeding quite a bit.
  • Taker sees the blood and starts the work by throwing him into the cell walls. He pulls out a chair and tosses Lesnar inside. Lesnar takes Taker down and starts hitting him with the steel chair. As Lesnar throws chair shots, the match is stopped as the blood is cleaned up. Lesnar continues throwing chair shots afterward.
  • Lesnar chokes Taker as he is against the cell wall and soon whips him into the cell wall again. Lesnar ditches the gloes and keeps the pressure on Taker. Lesnar goes for a suplex, but Taker reverses with a snap suplex on the floor. It now appears that either Taker is bleeding or got some of Lesnar's blood on him.
  • Taker goes into vicious mode and guillotines Lesnar's throat on the steel chair. This gets a two count. Taker is able to keep the pressure up until Lesnar opens Suplex City with a German suplex. Taker responds with a right hand until another German is thrown.
  • More suplexes are thrown until Lesnar lands a F5. Taker is able to kick out at two as the doctor is brought back in. An unimpressed Lesnar sends the doctor flying out of the ring and lands a second F5 for two.
  • Lesnar exits the ring and returns by throwing some steel steps in the ring. Lesnar picks them up and cracks Taker in the head for a very close two count. Lesnar drags Taker to the center of the ring and hurls the steps down, but Taker rolls out of the way at the last moment. Lesnar does it again, but Taker uses his feet to force them into Lesnar's head.
  • Lesnar crawls to Taker's legs, and the latter locks in Hell's Gate. After a bit, Lesnar snaps and just throws punch after punch after punch, breaking the hold.
  • As Lesnar gains separation, he notices a nick in the canvas. So what does he do? He rips the mat AND pulls out a section of the cushioning, exposing the wood boards below. Taker sits up AND CHOKESLAMS LESNAR ONTO THE EXPOSED WOOD OF THE RING!!!
  • Despite the chokeslam, Lesnar is still stirring. He staggers up into a Tombstone onto the exposed part of the ring. Of course, Lesnar powers out at two to the shock of Taker.
  • Taker staggers to Lesnar and calls for him to Rest in Peace. As Taker goes to pick up Lesnar, karma strikes in the form of a low blow from Lesnar. Lesnar gets Taker up and lands a third F5 on the exposed portion of the ring to win.

Brock Lesnar def Undertaker

After Lesnar leaves, Taker eventually sits up and makes it to his feet as a "thank you, Taker" chant rings through the Staples Center. He receives a standing ovation from the crowd.

As Taker prepares for his signature post-match pose, the entire Wyatt family comes out. Each member gets on each side of the apron and attacks Taker. After a while, Wyatt mocks Taker's Rest in Peace taunt, and The Wyatts carry Undertaker out of the arena.