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Steve Austin podcast with Brock Lesnar avoids talk of WrestleMania 32 match

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When Paul Heyman was a guest on Steve Austin's podcast on the WWE Network back on June 1, the two got to talking about ol' Stone Cold making a comeback for just one match with Heyman's client, the Beast who broke the streak, Brock Lesnar. Austin, a worker at heart, cut a promo that had some believing they were setting up for a match at WrestleMania 32 next year in Arlington, Texas.

They were not.

That was the word just a week after and Austin has repeatedly stated he's worked his last pro wrestling match. Still, talk persisted, to the point that he once again addressed reports that he was on the list of opponents for Brock at WrestleMania 32 by saying it was "bullshit reporting". Then Paul Heyman came out and said it wasn't happening.

Despite all that, talk persisted, with rumors floating around that some within WWE believed it could all be one fantastic work and we would know if they shot an angle on the podcast the two were scheduled for on Oct. 19 after the Hell in a Cell go home edition of Monday Night Raw in Dallas.

That podcast has come and gone (catch up on all the highlights here) and they did not, in fact, shoot an angle of any kind. In fact, they played it straight all the way through, not even bothering to address the promo Austin cut on Heyman nor the possibility of a match between the two. That would seem to close the door once and for all.