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Live Steve Austin podcast with Brock Lesnar: Highlights & open thread

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Immediately following tonight's airing of Monday Night Raw from Dallas, Texas on USA, a live episode of Stone Cold Steve Austin's podcast will stream on the WWE Network with special guest Brock Lesnar.

This one is interesting if only because while both sides have denied that a match between the two will take place at WrestleMania 32 next year, there's at least some smoke there. We'll have to tune in tonight to see if that smoke was a promotional tactic to get us to tune in to see if there's some fire, or if there actually is some fire.

Even if they play it straight, Lesnar is a great interview subject, and Austin should get some interesting answers out of him. I know I'm wondering what his thoughts are on being the guy to break Undertaker's streak, when he plans to retire from pro wrestling, and a whole lot more.

We'll have live highlights right here when the podcast goes live tonight!



- Austin asks if Lesnar tries to be intimidating and Brock tells him he carries himself a certain way that might seem arrogant but he's just who he is.

- Having grown up on a farm, Lesnar thinks that gave him his great work ethic. You have to do the job no matter what, and when you put the hard work in it always pays off.

- They try to set up a hunting date.

- Lesnar loves big trucks, and they start talking about that. This is awful so far.

- Brock's favorite food is steak. He's a charcoal grill guy.

- Brock's favorite music is country. But he also likes Metallica and stuff.

- Finally, Austin asks if Brock is a wrestler or a sports entertainer. Lesnar wonders if there's a difference. He's an entertainer, really. Austin thinks it's a guard, but Brock thinks of it as doing something he loves.

- Brock likes Little House on the Prairie.

- He talks about growing up playing football and how that was a potential career path for him but didn't work out.

- He gets humbled every day.

- They're now talking about college transcripts. This is really something. Brock never graduated from Minnesota.

- He was depressed coming out of college. Didn't know what he was going to do with himself.

- They finally turn to wrestling talk and his time in OVW. Brock was blown away by the training facility -- in a good way -- calling it barbaric. It was like growing up in barbaric South Dakota.

- He talks about learning from guys he was riding with, like Kane, Undertaker, Curt Hennig, and Big Boss Man.

- His first big match came early in his WWE run with The Rock and it was a sink or swim situation. Great for his growth. He puts over Rock for the advice he gave him, namely that to thrive in this business you have to be selfish. It's a give and take but there are certain times you take.

- The business is such that everyone around you changes but you don't. He talked around the character stuff. Says he's not antisocial but he likes to be alone.

- Austin brings up the WrestleMania 19 match and the botch that hurt Brock's neck. They show video of it. "Sometimes playing with fire will burn you," Brock says. Austin said he was mad about it because Lesnar didn't need to do that.

- On to WrestleMania 20. Austin was referee, Lesnar against Goldberg. Brock starts talking about how he can't really remember numbered events and matches. Brock admits he didn't want to be there. Why? "Because I didn't give a shit." They show him flipping off the fans and he laughs and says "that was to Vince, by the way, not the fans." Says he was done with wrestling, hated it, didn't like being on the road and felt entrapped. Says he could remember being on a plane and wanting to punch the door off and jump out. "I was built to be in the ring; I wasn't build to get from ring to ring."

- Austin asks if he sued WWE or did WWE sue him. Lesnar gets uncomfortable. Doesn't really answer. "That's water under the bridge."

- Austin asks about dissension in the locker room over Brock leaving and coming back and his infrequent schedule. Lesnar says he doesn't try to hang out with anyone but he hasn't found himself with any issues with anyone. He looks at it like he clocks in and then he clocks out. He doesn't bother anyone. He just works his job.

- They turn to Brock's MMA career. He talks about trying to call Dana White, the President of the UFC, and White not taking his calls. So he went to a UFC show and grabbed Dana up to sell himself. That got him a chance. They go into the Frank Mir fight and Lesnar said he was devastated at the loss, thinking his entire life had crumbled. Instead, Dana loved the fight and he signed a new contract.

- They go over the Heath Herring fight -- Heath poked the bear and paid for it -- and the Randy Couture title win. Brock admitted the heavyweight division was weak when he got there. They quickly went into his issues with diverticulitis. Lesnar said it was really bad, like he wouldn't even do any pro wrestling if he had it.

- Finally, they go to Austin walking out of the planned match with Lesnar. Brock said he didn't care and he wasn't offended by it. "All I know is you didn't want to do a job for me," Brock says laughing. Austin started explaining his thoughts and Lesnar said he didn't need to do that. Brock said it's possible both Austin and WWE didn't handle it the right way.

- Brock talks about having a big ego but how can't you when you have a big bank account. He thanks both Dana White and Vince McMahon for putting a lot of money in his. He puts over both.

- He goes back over the story of thinking of getting back in the UFC and how he decided to go back to pro wrestling.

- They start talking about promos and Brock says "I gotta feed the Jew!" He admits he's not very good at them and wouldn't be where he is if it weren't for Paul Heyman. It's different from his promos in the UFC because that was just answering a question and going off as opposed to pro wrestling.

- Lesnar says he's not so close to "the boys" and he doesn't have to politic so much anymore. He's much closer to Vince McMahon and he goes through him with what he does on TV.

- He knew breaking the streak would be huge for business for him. He says he gets a lot of criticism for it but who else has the credentials to beat the streak? He doesn't think there's anyone else out there who could have.

- Austin asks about the biggest misconception out there about Brock Lesnar the man. "I don't really care." Great answer. Says he tries to be nice to people but at the end of the day he just likes to do his own thing.

- Austin asks about when he might bring this to a close. Brock says he has a pretty good idea of it but doesn't want to share that with anyone.

- What advice would the Brock Lesnar of today give to the Brock Lesnar when he first started, or just some rookie: Make sure this is what you want and you understand all the circumstances. Brock doesn't think this generation of people wants to work for something.

- Austin brings up the Hell in a Cell match this weekend. Brock says there's going to be a lot of carnage. He's coming to end Undertaker.

That's that. No angle and nothing on a match between the two.