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TMZ confirms Rusev & Lana are engaged

The bloodhounds at TMZ have confirmed today that fans who noticed Lana wearing an engagement ring in social media posts were right to assume that meant her real life boyfriend, Rusev, had proposed and she accepted. According to the report, he popped the question a month ago in the pool at their home in Nashville.

The best part? He apparently filmed it, so we may one day get to see how it all went down.

This news is getting out not long after WWE ran an angle where Summer Rae proposed to Rusev on television and he accepted, although it was with the condition that they'll only get married if she helps him win a title first. Lana's character is currently off TV while recovering from a real life wrist injury. She turned on Rusev in story and immediately started dating Dolph Ziggler.

Thanks to TMZ for confirming no one worked themselves into a shoot and all is well in Nashville.

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