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Report: WWE interested in Alberto Del Rio return

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WWE will be embarking on a tour of Mexico this month and because the promotion has failed to cultivate a top Hispanic star, Undertaker signed on to help sell it to fans south of the border. Mexican tour or otherwise, the company is feeling the pressure to replace Alberto Del Rio, who now works as Alberto El Patron, to help with that market.

According to a report from PW Insider, there have been talks within WWE of simply biting the bullet and bringing Del Rio back.

Del Rio left the company in 2014 when he was released for a physical altercation with an employee who allegedly made racist remarks. He used the situation to his advantage when he went to AAA before a quick settlement with WWE allowing him to work wherever without disparaging the promotion. He's since worked all over the world for various organizations, showing up in Lucha Underground, Ring of Honor, and even flirting with a return to MMA.

He's been so successful, in fact, a return to WWE has been entirely unnecessary. For his part, he's said the two sides are on good terms now but the brutal schedule combined with his outside freedom have kept him happy to stay away.

That said, never say never.

It was believed Del Rio would be taking part in season two of Lucha Underground, which was recently confirmed as taping in November and airing in January, but he disputed those reports while making clear he had issues with the promotion. So, if nothing else, it sure looks like Del Rio could be available if WWE wants him back bad enough.