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The REC Awards: October 4 - 10, 2015

Well, hasn't this been an interesting week? Following an average MSG show, we got a mostly forgettable Raw, a decent SmackDown, and one of the best (if not THE best) shows of the year with NXT Takeover: Respect.

So after all that, let's do some RECs.



The simplicity & brilliance of Lucha Underground - Brigade17

Somewhere in Time: A Sasha Banks and Bayley Saga - Zhahnruh

Hilarity in Kayfabe AND Glenn Jacobs is Killing It - ctre6

Respect is earned - The Amazing A-hole

A Time for Dreamers - andrewmswift


Comments (link to album)

First, Zhahnruh reminds us about Cesaro's past. The Notorious Eddie Mac, Decepticon : LockDown, and others respond

teeray has a question about Brock Lesnar's seemingly-limited moveset. Multiple people answer.

jozymozy laments about Cesaro being relegated to Superstars

SethRollinsChairShot captions the header photo to a Rumor Roundup. Fun follows

MikeThePatsFan, Decepticon : LockDown, and others build the guest list for the wedding of RuRu and RaeRae

kmtierney gives the Michael Hayes list of underachievers. Others add to it


jozymozy reacts to Dean Ambrose's recent interview:

Blueblob4life reacts to Bayley the timekeeper. South of Heaven and KenFan4life respond:

The so-called Beautiful has us imagine something:

Kevin Kostka reacts to Bayley wanting a match with Eva Marie:

Yourroleandyou, kmtierney, MCAngulo, Dean's Ham Bros, The Amazing A-hole, and Ol' Doc That Was react to the Bayley vs Sasha Banks Iron Man match:

Jacob Vantrease tells a joke:

Beige Lunatics has a point about Tyler Breeze:

MakeStrongLookReallyRomanReigns has an idea for Team BAD:

Cyn1 and RybackStun93 discuss Chaos Theory:

the_hbomb gives some props:

nicknelson87 reacts to crying:

JettMartinez also reacts:

Vidence laments the release of Devin Taylor:

Brigade17 responds to the post regarding the Dusty Rhodes Memorial Tag Tournament. Magnus Magnolius makes a counterpoint:

M. GOMEZ tells a story. CBKO responds:

Zhahnruh reacts to Matt Hardy winning at Bound for Glory. SethRollinsChairShot and Rocker234 respond:

leuchtmann80 has an idea and reports on the after-effects:

radja44 has a good idea. The Geyser and kmtierney respond:

Otis C. and GrecoRomanGuy sing:

darkstar 7646 and BMAMag react to the end of Takeover: Respect:

RobertONeill31 reacts to Bill Hanstock's NXT Lifers:

Koko Balian makes an tribute. Yourroleandyou and ExplicitMoxViolence respond:

JBL's hat has an idea:

ThingsandStuff counts the number of ways she hates Seth Rollins:

Plan R, StrongStyle81, Jenzel Washington, Christopher Novak, Tyler Treese, and SethRollinsChairShot react to CM Punk's tweets against Susan G Komen:

Frfly thinks about a future pun. Verklemptomaniac goes awesomely crazy:

Zhahnruh puns about Becky Lynch:

Koko Balian reacts to the end segment of Raw;

CarrolINT reacts to Kevin Owens vs Sin Cara. Koko Balian responds with a visual aid:

Zhahnruh breaks down The New Day ending Raw;

Jomosensual reacts to Sasha Banks:

Jomosensual also tries to understand something:

Flashking, CMDrunk, Zentrification, and Brigade17 also try to understand the same thing:

Drew Nicholas makes a good point. TheGoose01, Jomosensual, and Flashking respond:

Jomosensual reacts to a rumor. Sandow's Superior and darkstar 7646 respond:

Lordban reacts to a rumor. TheDunktownExpress responds:

andrewmswift marks:

Christopher Novak reacts to a NXT rumor. Jomosensual responds:

TD70, TheGoose01, and maslinski react to LOLTNA:

Flashking has an idea for a Hideo Itami/Finn Balor feud. Rocker234, ThePollux8, Zentrification, and Ravie30 respond:

Jenzel Washington draws the line:

Magnus Magnolius is nervous about Roman Reigns possibly winning a title:

the satyr icon, The so-called Beautiful, andrewmswift, and leuchtmann80 reacts to Sasha Banks' interactions with Izzy at Respect:

MCAngulo provides an update:

The Bong from Tamland makes a good comparison:

HeelTurnHulse marks out about a NXT surprise. treybeez responds:

Brigade17 reacts to a statement from Triple H:

And finally, M. GOMEZ admires something from Finn Balor:


That's it for this week's REC Awards. Tune in next week for more amalgamations.

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