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Finn Bálor's dream WrestleMania opponent is John Cena

Some were surprised when 33 year old international sensation and New Japan star Fergal "Prince" Devitt gave up global fame for a WWE contract.  The Irishman now known as Finn Bálor gave an interview to MTV UK recently that sheds some light on why he's giving it his all to make it in sports entertainment, starting at the Florida Performance Center and on NXT.

Asked who his dream WrestleMania opponent would be, Bálor doesn't miss a beat in answering:

John Cena.

[He's] proven over the last 10-14 years to be the absolute hardest worker in all of pro wrestling - and I want to be the guy standing opposite him.

The interviewer is surprised, guessing that he would have mentioned fellow indy and international veteran Daniel Bryan.  Finn says "there's a lot of dream matches" and adds that he and Bryan have some history and stay in touch, but "John Cena would be at the top."

His pick for favorite match of all-time proves him to be a big-time WWE fan, too.

[Wrestlemania 18], Hogan vs Rock. Just pure electricity in the air, two of the greatest of all time. What a story and what emotions... so Just off the charts. If I can try and recreate half the magic they created that night, I'll be happy.

As much as my inner cynic wants to say "of course he's going to say Cena and a WWE match", this doesn't seem political to me.  For one, he'd probably work Triple H in there somewhere if he were just brown-nosing.  And two, these are thoughtful answers from someone who wants to prove himself on the biggest stage in his field.

What do you think, Cagesiders?  Surprised by Finn's answers?  Do you want to see Bálor vs. Cena in front of 80,000 people one day?

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