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Report: WWE orders CM Punk removed from WWE comic books

Several places around the interwebs have been reporting that WWE has told its comic book licensee, Papercutz, to remove CM Punk from not only future publications, but also all future printings of the trade paperbacks collecting the first two story arcs of the Mick Foley-penned series, WWE Superstars.

Mike Johnson over at says that another Superstar's face will be imposed over Punk's in the books Money in the Bank (collecting issues 1 - 4) and Haze of Glory (5 - 8).  Chris Sims at Comics Alliance (and if you're a comics fan and you don't read/listen to Sims're missing out) makes the smart call that Dean Ambrose would be a good choice character and likeness-wise to replace the man who starred as a civic organizer/vigilante in the first tale and as himself in the second.

I'm kind of hoping that this will finally be when we can introduce Vince McMahon's rumored gimmick for Christian into kayfabe/continuity.  That would especially address situations where Punk and Ambrose share the page...

This may be driven at least in part by Punk's involvement as a creator at both DC and Marvel Comics now, but is more likely just caught in the overall split between the contracted UFC talent and his former bosses.  The Papercutz edict, along with the fact that there's no merchandise for him on sale at WWE Shop, should put paid to any belief that an ongoing licensing deal between the two was part of whatever settlement freed Punk up to talk about his exit on The Art of Wrestling and in press for his new career as a mixed martial artist.

Any thoughts on this, WWE and/or comics fans?  Who should replace illustrated Punk?  And is this worth the trouble for WWE and their partner?

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