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Daniel Bryan says Brock Lesnar is 'the match I really, really want'

This is an old interview, having been taped last summer prior to SummerSlam.  In it, Daniel Bryan tells James Delow about the dream match his neck injury was preventing him from having:

One of the things that kills me about this is if I were champion right now I'd be wrestling Brock Lesnar and that's the match I've always really wanted.

I feel like we could do something completely different that people [wouldn't] have seen before in the United States.

That's the match I really, really want.

It's interesting to note that it's making the rounds again.

Is it simply because both men are scheduled to appear on Raw next Monday and some enterprising bloggers dug it out to slap a click-bait headline on it (or, in my case, followed the example set by some enterprising bloggers over at MTV UK's WWE blog)?

Did Mick Foley instigate it with his latest round of Facebook booking?

Or could WWE be testing the waters to gauge mainstream fan interest in such a match?

If you're hoping for the latter, here's some other dream opponents that Bryan lists in his talk with Delow: Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns and Cesaro.

I want to do a pay-per-view match with Cesaro at some point.

Keep hope alive, Cagesiders.

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